Superb IM 70.3 St. George images

Upcoming talented shooter Talbot Cox captured great images during the stacked 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 St. George North American Championships despite not having full media access to the course. Here now is a selection of great photos of this Boulder, Colorado resident.

The men's field was very stacked and many onlookers wondered how Lionel Sanders and Sebastian Kienle would do on this day. It turned out that they were chasing Alistair Brownlee all day long. Defending St. George champion Sanders ended up with the top bike split of 2:01:24. Narrowly edging Brownlee who rode 2:01:39 and Kienle who managed a 2:01:53

Many eyes were also on Ben Hoffman, but it was not his day despite a relatively solid swim.

Joe Gambles rode 2:08:44 and matched his bib number with a 7th place finish.

For Tim Don it ended up being 4th place after a 2:05:27 bike time.

Patrick McKeon rode 2:14:46 and in the end finished 20th.

Former profession road cyclist Ivan Dominguez has tortured triathlon age groupers for a while but he raced in St. George with a pro license. He however only managed a 2:16:58 bike time and a 4:26:37 overall time.

Brit Holly Lawrence took charge right away during the swim and no other female pro came close to Lawrence's 2:17:46 race best bike split.

Jeanni Seymour rode a solid 2:25:00 and then stepped on the throttle during the run to finish 2nd in 4:15:12.

Ellie Salthouse has adapted well to 70.3 racing and this Siri Lindley athlete finished 3rd in 4:22:25

Lionel Sanders clocked a race best run split of 1:12:19, but in the end he fell short of capturing Brownlee with his 3:42:31.

Brownlee looked fully in charge in St. George and grabbed the title in 3:41:58.

Sebastian Kienle's 1:16:10 run gave him 3rd place and a 3:46:20 overall time.

Canadian Trevor Wurtele on the way to 15th place.

A solid effort all day by Ben Kanute gave the young American 5th place in 3:50:29.

Holly Lawrence lost a bit of time during the run but no one was able to take the win away from here. She crossed the line first in 4:12:07.

Ellie Salthouse looked like she floated on air as she earned herself 3rd place.

Rachel Joyce looked happy with her 4th place, as a stepping stone of her return to racing.

The female podium had an impressive day.

All images Talbot Cox