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Meet the Rafael Ueberbike

Written by: Herbert Krabel
Added: Sat Aug 23 2014

German bike wizard Rafael Hoffleit has wowed us a few times already with his creations and at the 2014 Eurobike trade show he will present a bike to the world that has neither a fork leg, nor a chainstay or seatstay on the non-drive side. He calls the bike Ueberbike, and if someone should be allowed to give a bike such a name it would have to be a German builder. Rafael has teased the bike on his Facebook page with a little video but here are first actual pictures of the Ueberbike.

The Rafael Ueberbike sits quietly in this spot as it is getting finished. In case you are looking for the brake calipers, braking is done hydraulically in the hubs.

The man hard at work in his shop with the new front end waiting for assembly.

Here is the front end set up on the bike.

It looks like someone took a big blade to this side of the bike but forgot to cut off the crank.

Up close with the bike during the build-up process.

A look at the drive side of the bike.

Ready for the Eurobike trade show.

Here is the finished Rafael Ueberbike from another angle.

We will spend more time with the bike in the next couple of days and do a more detailed feature then.


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