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Tunnel time for Yoder, Dibens

Written by: Herbert Krabel
Added: Fri Mar 04 2011

Andrew Yoder and Julie Dibens spent the day in the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC with folks from bike sponsor Trek and bike fitting system Retul. Slowtwitch was there to check out what was going on.

No radical changes were on the schedule, the day in the tunnel was mostly about ironing out some small details and learning for the future. This was especially important for Julie Dibens who is leaving for the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon this weekend and they certainly did not want to make any changes so close to a big race.

Today was also the birthday of Julie Dibens, so here we wish her all the best for her birthday and in Abu Dhabi.

All images are Herbert Krabel /


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Fun and Inspirational 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Sean F, Mar 5 2011 10:42AM

Thanks Slowtwitch for this photo journal. We get to see Yoder and Dibens --two fantastic pros -- in a serious and silly light. The wind tunnel pictures are an impressive depiction of natural athleticism and technology, while the candid shots show the humor of these great triathletes. Thanks again Slowtwitch: I love the your website; keep up the good work!