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The elusive Litespeed TT bike new

It was a long time ago when Litespeed last had a TT or triathlon bike in the model line, but it now appears that a limited edition Blade can be had.

A day in the life of Valencell new

It is likely that you never heard the name Valencell before, even though you may even have had it in your ear or on your arm. Here now is your chance to learn more.

A PowerTap P1 review

Our technical editor Tony Vienneau has spent several months with the PowerTap P1 power meter pedals and here is his detailed review.

Zone3 Evolution SwimRun wetsuit

Up close with the Evolution, the new SwimRun wetsuit from the British Zone3 brand. A review by our experienced SwimRun athlete Markus Roessel.

Trevor Wurtele's IHIT Cervelo S5

Canadian Trevor Wurtele competed on a Cervelo S5 at the 2015 Island House Invitational Triathlon and here is a closer look at his race bike set up.

A BSX Insight Gen 2 first look

BSX Insight has a Gen 2 model and they added real-time muscle oxygenation, improved connectivity, the ability to broadcast to other devices, and other features.

Rob Gray's lava inspired Dimond

Rob Gray currently resides in Boulder, CO and he showed up at the GoPro IM Worlds in Kona with a hot lava-inspired Dimond race bike. It is, without a doubt, drool worthy.

The Orca open water gear

Orca has a range of products that are great for open water swimming and training, and here we take a look at a few of those items including the wetsuit and dry bag.

Zwift rolls out Workout Mode

On October 29th Zwift will begin a phased beta rollout of the Workout Mode they teased at the GoPro Ironman World Championships, and also start to charge.

The Dimond of Maik Twelsiek

German Maik Twelsiek had the race best 4:25:10 bike split in Kona aboard this black and yellow Dimond, plus we have his power file in our hands too.

IM Kona 2015 - women bike pics

Here now is the female bike gallery from the 2015 GoPro Ironman World Championships. A perfect perspective to see positions, gear and much more.

IM Kona 2015 - men bike pics

Enjoy this gallery of bike images from the men's race at the 2015 GoPro Ironman World Championships where German Jan Frodeno triumphed.

With a Culprit Legend at IM Kona

Joshua Colp of Culprit Bicycles brought a new triathlon bike to Kona, but this Legend model is only in the very early prototype stage and was 3d printed.

The super light 2016 Fuji SL

Fuji introduced a new super light road bike in mid-August and we took a look at this 10.91 pound SL 1.1 machine with SRAM, Reynolds, and EE components.

Lynskey returns with a tri bike

Lynskey Performance is known for skilled crafting in titanium, and they showed up at Interbike with a titanium late stage prototype tri bike.

When the shoe simply does not fit

Diana Riesler has unique feet and that makes getting correct cycling shoes a tricky enterprise, but a long trial and error process brought her to the right path.

An Orca SwimRun wetsuit review

Orca has a storied history in triathlon and now they also want to be known in the SwimRun world. Our Markus Rössel reviewed the Orca SwimRun offering.

New triathlon products from XLAB

At the 2015 Interbike trade show in Las Vegas we noticed various new triathlon products in the XLAB booth, and here is what we found and liked.

Saddle models renamed at ISM

Last year ISM introduced a new saddle that did not have the Adamo label but instead featured the PN1.1 name, and this year all saddles follow that path.

New ti frames from Litespeed

Although carbon is the dominant frame choice these days, titanium is still a coveted material and Litespeed showed a few new offerings at Interbike.

Single-arm power from Pioneer

Pioneer showed 2 new single-arm power meter models at Interbike. They have actually been around for a while now, but were previously only offered as a pair.

Wahoo launches ELEMNT

Wahoo is proud of this new powerful yet simple GPS bike computer they call ELEMNT. It is on display at the Interbike show in Las Vegas and we took a closer look.

The new Shimano TR9 tri shoe

Shimano has launched a new triathlon cycling shoe with the name TR9. Some pros have been testing prototypes, and we checked out the production model at Interbike.

We Noticed: BopWorx protection

No matter how expensive or affordable the bike, no owner wants to see their beloved ride damaged in transit or otherwise, and that is where BopWorx comes in.

The new ROTOR UNO group

ROTOR is best known for their distinctive Q-rings and machined aluminum cranks, but now they have added a hydraulic component group to their offerings.
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