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Litespeed T5 gravel bike

Dan Empfield had Litespeed make him a gravel bike and he dubbed that bike Freedom. Litespeed has pushed it even further and offers it as the T5 gravel.

Kona 14 Top 15 men - run

We showed the top 15 women a few days ago and today we share stats and gear of the top 15 men during the run at the 2014 GoPro Ironman Worlds.

Kona 14 Top 15 women - run

Every year we collect images and data of the top 15 Pros and we start today with the best overall placed women during the run, with gear and stats.

Winners and Losers: Helmets

Rudy wins in Kona! No surprise there. How does this comport with the real world use of helmets by triathletes, or at least by Slowtwitchers?

Eric Hinman's fly blue Dimond

Syracuse, NY resident Eric Hinman raced M30-34 in Kona and had a 9:38:59 finish. A few days before the race we checked out his custom blue Dimond race bike.

Diamondback Serios unveiled

Diamondback came to Kona to introduce the world to Serios, their new TT bike. The Serios makes a very fine first impression and here is a look at the range.

Christopher Borden's Dimond

We noticed this bike during the bike check-in in Chattanooga and decided to snap a few images. As it turns out - he was the fastest age grouper in that race.

Ironman Chattanooga bike count

Around 2,700 starters participated in the inaugural Little Debbie Ironman Chattanooga and here is a bike count of the bikes that entered transition.

Julien Timmerman's Pearson

French age grouper Julien Timmerman recently finished this custom painted Pearson Z1 with passion, help from friends and carefully selected components.

A Culprit Croz Blade review

Manufacturer Joshua Colp is an American based out of Taiwan and he provided us with his aero road bike, Croz Blade, to log some training and racing miles.

We Noticed: Diamondback ...

With Kona coming closer we got a first look at the new Diamondback TT bike, plus the Lupine Rotlicht, a flying dog and a forward thinking mayor.

Tim Johnson's Cannondale SuperX

American Tim Johnson will be in action in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend aboard his SRAM and Zipp equipped Cannondale SuperX race bike.

2015 BMC GranFondo GF02

Many eyes are on Grenchen, Switzerland today and we thus thought to show the 2015 BMC GranFondo GF02 from the Grenchen based brand.

The Trek Boone 9 of Sven Nys

Belgian cyclocross superstar Sven Nys captured another win at the 2014 CrossVegas and we took a closer look at his Shimano equipped Trek Boone 9.

Aaron Royle's Giant TCR

Aussie Aaron Royle won the 2014 Super Sprint Tri Grand Prix in Las Vegas and we managed to look closer at his Shimano equipped Giant TCR race bike.

Meet the Bianchi Aquila CV

At the 2014 Interbike show we moved the Bianchi Aquila CV bike to the side to capture detailed pics of this bike that is still considered a prototype.

Up close with the Cipollini Nuke

The Cipollini brand introduced the Nuke TT bike with an entertaining video recently, and at Eurobike we were able to look closer at this new TT entry.

Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0

At the 2014 Eurobike trade show this bright orange Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0 caught our eye and we dragged it outside to capture detailed images.

Introducing the Parlee Altum R

While we perused the many halls of the 2014 Eurobike show we stumbled upon the very beautiful blue Parlee Altum R bike and decided to look closer.

A detailed look at the Ueberbike

We uploaded initial pictures of the new Rafael Ueberbike last week, and today we had a chance to look closer and fondle this very attractive new TT machine.

Meet the Rafael Ueberbike

At the 2014 Eurobike trade show German Rafael Hoffleit will present a bike to the world that has neither a fork leg, nor a chainstay or seatstay on the non-drive side.

The Pivot Mach 4 Carbon

In case you are lusting for a new fast XTERRA bike, you may need to look no further than at this Pivot Mach 4 Carbon - a fun ride even if you don't race.

Up close and personal with Riivo

We joined Balazs Csoke in Willis, TX as he worked with Brad Harper of Riivo to have his own pair of custom cycling shoes fitted and crafted.

The S-Works of Conrad Stoltz

Just ahead of the 2014 ITU Cross World Championships we looked closer at the Specialized S-Works Epic 29er of defending champ Conrad Stoltz.

Litespeed Freedom

Litespeed's Brad Devaney and I conspired on a gravel bike and here it is, my current main squeeze. I call it the Freedom because that's what it means to me.
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