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RD Aids


Can RD's Impact SCD in Tri?

Considering all the available best medical evidence, some say if you die in the swim, you're an unfortunate but acceptably rare, and probably unavoidable, statistic. Can a race director move those ...

The Port-o-Nazi

Imagine the Titanic, everyone queuing up to discover find half the number of requisite lifeboats. When I find half the number of necessary port-o-johns, this is when I don the mantle of Port-o-Nazi.

Aid stations

Aid stations can be cost centers, profit centers, or neutral centers. No matter of the size of your race, they can be done well, and cheaply. I like to think of them as stationary parade floats.

Traffic plan

Want to be a race director? Here's the skill of it: mapping out your traffic plan. Regrettably, even the casual racer discerns when an RD gave his traffic plan short shrift.

Race Registration

Our series on how to put on a successful race continues with race registration, both pre-race and the requirements for registration at the race venue.

Your race budget

Our series on race directing continues with a nod to the budget. What will your race cost? Here is a list of things you'll not want to forget.

Attracting media to your race

Race directors: getting media to cover your race is not as hard as you think. But, it takes forethought. And, you have to decide what that media means to you; how it can help you. It's all ...

Getting sponsors

I know what you're thinking: "This has to be the hardest task facing a race promoter." Yes, you're right. But it doesn't have to be. Just invest in a little creative thinking, and you'll find ...

Filling your race

Our series on Race Director aids continues with an installment on how to fill your race with participants.

Assembling your race committee

Race promoters know race committees, or lack thereof, can make or break an event. If you have no good organization, you have no race (at least no race that people will want to attend again).

Getting volunteers

If an RD doesn't have enough volunteers, his customers will know come race day. The successful race organizer always has enough. What follows is the blueprint for getting them.

Getting that special event permit

Rule number one: Do not follow rule number one, at least as regards special event permitting, which is a top-down process masquerading as a bottom-up process.

How to be a race director

This is the intro to the popular series on how to be a race director. Links to follow up articles will be archived here, at the article's terminus, in the section.

Picking a course

Often heard is the lament: All the venues are drying up. To the contrary. To the practiced eye more venues are available now than ever were before.