A Bike for Ygritte

: Are you 5'4" to 5'8"? Looking for a tri bike? Here are Slowtwitchers in that height range who have similar Pad XY measures. Here are some bikes they can ride.

The Ordu Gets a Pad XY Chart

: This new Pad XY chart should make deciding on riding Starky's Ordu OMP LTD series bike much easier for fitters, salesmen and end users.

Bike Position: Pro Men Conform

: Everybody is different, right? Yes, in a micro sense. But in the macro world it's truer to say everybody is the same, and the pros demonstrate this.

What is Pad Y/X?

: Everybody’s talking about Pad X and Y, or Pad Stack and Reach, in regard to bike fit and selection. What is it? How do you measure it? How is it used?

Bike Solutions for Aliens

: There is hope for Aliens, and by these I mean the freaks of nature who contort into pretzels to ride long and low positions. Aliens, here are your tri bikes.

A Bike for Davos

: A Pad Y/X of 630mm/505mm is a typical position for somebody between 6'0" and 6'3" who rides pretty steep, with a fair bit of armrest elevation drop from the saddle.

Tri Bikes are Too Tall

: Top tri brands make tri bikes that fit marvelously. Today's tri bikes are very good, but they're very uniform, and the lack of variant geometries leaves many riders out.

A Bike for Ramsey

: The first in a series, prescribing bikes to match the profiles of various kinds of riders. The rider here is 5'9", rides pretty steep, pretty aggressive. What's his bike?

The Difference A Front-End Makes

: Frame metrics are real, they matter, they tell the truth - stack and reach tell the truth - but they don’t tell the entire truth about fit.

Your Ideal Tri Bike

: What you're reading today is the intro to a series of installments matching you to your optimal tri bike. I'll identify you, and then "prescribe" the bike(s) that work best.

Soup Nazi Solution: TriRig

: Rider needs a long and low geometry. It was the Soup Nazi answer for this guy: No bike for you! Then I remembered the TriRig Alpha series bars, and its online calculator.

No System No Sale

: A superbike complete bike solver can be built in half a day. Here's the first one I built, and how I built it. Why don't all superbike makers have one?

Packed for Your Spring Classic?

: Why are bike companies trying to sell you bikes marketed for cobblestones and potholes? They're still testing out all but the obvious narratives for new road geometries that better fit many ...

The Problem with Women

: In our celebration of the Stacktennial, let us not ignore the ladies. The problem is, of course, the constraints placed on bike design if you mandate that the bike be built with 700c wheels.

The Stacktennial

: It's been 10 years since the metrics Stack and Reach were first described. February marked a decade since these terms first made it into print, at least according to my recollection.

Maik Twelsiek Goes Clockwise

: Top pro triathlete Maik Twelsiek decided to try something which, for pros, is novel and rare: He got fit first, found the equipment that worked for him, before seeking a contract. Here's how it went.

Bikes as fit constructs

: Bicycles are constructs of assemblies. Of course you know this already! But I'm talking strictly about how bikes fit. The notion that a frame alone determines fit is entirely wrong.

Evil stems and spacers

: The defining fit characteristics of bikes are no longer solely contained in the frame. Or even the aerobars. Today's superbikes focus on the sins of the stem and anything round sitting above the ...

Long and low, short and narrow

: It's late November. Don't you love the change of seasons? Depending where you are, the greens are turning to yellow, and the yellows red. But that is not the change to which I refer.

Slowtwitch debuts Geometry Calculator

: The F.I.S.T. tri bike geometry calculator is open for beta testing. Your fitter plunks numbers into our online engine and, poof, your custom bike geometry!

Stack & Reach Primer: Chapter One

: Earlier in the decade I wrote an article on how bikes are sized, and the gist was that we ought to be looking at bikes from the point of view of head tubes and top tubes, and that's it. -- no more ...

Stack & Reach Primer: Chapter Three

: In the final chapter of our stack and reach primer, we compare stack and reach with other ways of remaking sizing nomenclature.

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