Reasonable bike fit expectations

: Slowtwitch forum members too often (justifiably) complain about bad results from bike fit sessions. As of 2018 here is what you should expect.

How Superbikes Fit (It's the Front End!)

: There is geometric orthodoxy among tri bikes frames. But not among their aerobars.

How My Bike Position Evolved

: Looking at photos of Gail Gottfried's bike position reminds one of the "Descent of Man" posters. Here are the pics and the story.

Can MOPers Ride Pro Positions?

: How hard is it for AGers, some of them MOPers, to ride positions that all appear pretty normal? Even elite-worthy? You decide.

The Plasma Gets a Prescriber

: A great, Kona-winning tri bike not as popular with consumers as with pros. Why? The lack of a pathway to purchase? That objection is now gone.

Your Seat's Too Low? Good For You

: Without question, the unofficial motto of the Slowtwitch forums is, "Your seat's too high." While this has become a bit of an inside joke, there's a fundamental truth in this quip that's worth ...

Finding your Felt

: Felt sits second among tri bike brands when Slowtwitchers are asked what they intend to buy next. How do you decide, precisely, what size and config for your IA?

The Case of the Laid Back Lady

: Last week I invited expert bike fitters to solve a theoretical conundrum facing many fitters and certain of their customers. I thought Slowtwitchers might like to see how some of the cleverer ...

Choosing a Base Bar

: Ever consider your base bar? How it fits, if it's safe, or even if it's costing you time on the race course? As with many things, there's more than meets the eye. We delve in to the particulars of ...

In between bike sizes?

: Looking for a new bike, and find you're in between sizes? Your LBS owner will tell you to choose the smaller size, and he's been saying that since, well, forever. But it's the wrong answer, at ...

Devising a static tri-fit system

: You've waited, you've wanted, so without further ado, here it is: a static fit system for generating rider coordinates. We'll describe it to you, and then tell you why you shouldn't use it.

Bike fit systems: marketing or advocacy?

: Specialized and Trek each have a bike school for retailers, joining Serotta and perhaps soon other bike makers. How do you know when the point of a school is education or whether it's just marketing?

World's first fit-certified dog

: A female lab mix named Charlee has attended each of 40 F.I.S.T. tri bike fit workshops held at the Slowtwitch compound. Somewhere along the way, she acquired the ability to distinguish good bike ...

Tri, road, or tweener?

: There are three ways to ride a bike: road race (the way pros do it); triathlon (the way pros do it); and that strange morphing of the two which we call the "tweener."

Remote bike fit for retailers

: In the second and final part of this series, we look at how remote bike fitting aids the retailer who'll invest the time, and thought, and energy to the display of the tri bikes he inventories.

Remote tri bike fit

: There exists a method for fitting bikes for mail order purchases; and for retailers to present floored bikes; should such enterprising retailers avail themselves of it. Part I of II.

Positional problems

: “Why am I uncomfortable on my bike?” Do you have occasion to ask this? We endeavor to find the answer in our series on the subject. Our first installment focused on contact points. This is ...

The Bike from the bars back—finale

: Road testing the 3T Ventus aero bar properly required a bit of trigonometry, a dash of ingenuity, and smidge of creativity, some nerve, and a credit card with room on it.

Finding the right bike from the bars back

: There are some very sexy integrated aero bars on the market right now. Profile Design's Carbon X. 3T's Ventus. Visiontech's Trimax. All these feature integrated stems. How does one divine what ...