The Rise of Riser Drop Bars

: We look in to the relatively new trend of riser drop bars and the bike fit opportunities they provide for road, gravel, and tall riders.

Reasonable bike fit expectations

: Slowtwitch forum members too often (justifiably) complain about bad results from bike fit sessions. As of 2018 here is what you should expect.

Optimizing all Road Riding Positions

: Seated, hands-on-hoods is one of five. If you've been fitted only to this position, you bought one-fifth of a proper fit session. All five postures inform both bike and handlebar geometries.

Coordinate Predictors Versus Body Angles in Road Bike Fit

: I'm forced to repent of a long held tradition of mine in bike fit. I'm abandoning, in some cases, the use of body angles as a determiner of position appropriateness.

Road Bike Fit

: This road bike fit protocol is designed to work with fit bikes that adjust horizontally and vertically; to take advantage of stack and reach data matching; and to consider all the positions common to ...