Fit Ready and Its Implications

: QR has gone and done it now! This may pressure brands and bike shops to match this, which will be a good thing.

Bike Fitting Has Rebounded. And How!

: Fitters were singing the blues a year ago, but now they’re can’t keep up with demand. With challenges, however.

Fix It!

: Now is the perfect time to Fix It. What is the "It" we're fixing? Your uncomfortable saddle, aerobar, pedal, or bike position.

A Sebastian Kienle bike fitting and aero test

: Some pros might be relaxing or getting ready for the holidays this time of the year, but the fast German Sebastian Kienle spent time aero testing and bike fitting.

What Bike Fitters Inventory, Chapter One: Aerobars

: I asked the best bike fitters what they inventory, grouped in saddles, aerobars, road bars, and more. Here's aerobars.

ACME Bicycle Company: Ace Fitters

: The first in a series on the best bike fitters local to you. Are you in NYC? These guys are good.

Orthodoxy: Another Real World Example

: Our Reader Forum is the place triathletes take their bike fit problems. Here's another one, and a good object lesson on orthodoxy.

Reasonable bike fit expectations

: Slowtwitch forum members too often (justifiably) complain about bad results from bike fit sessions. As of 2018 here is what you should expect.

Diamondback's Online Fit Calculator

: What is the ambitious element to Diamondback’s prescriber? It prescribes your position with granular precision.

Mid-Season Tune for Heather Jackson

: Loved the new position... comfortable all day... able to hold and or exceed target power... [a] bit higher cadence... [will] move to 165mm.

The Secret Weapon of Superstar Fitters: HX

: I’m going to talk about the most important and underappreciated metric in bike fitting. It's the metric too many fitters ignore during a fit session.

The Bike Market's Gaping Blind Spot

: Equal prize money, equal Kona slots, equal access. But equality in technical access? Not even close, and both genders are to blame.

Oceanside Bike Photos

: Pics are Timothy Carlson's, comments on bike positions are Dan Empfield's

"Express Fits" at Slowtwitch Road Shows

: Here are some examples of the Express Fits in San Diego and Dallas (this past weekend) as a guide to what Bay Area folks can expect this weekend.

F.I.S.T. Workshops (What really happens here?)

: Here are images from a F.I.S.T. Bike Fit Workshop just concluded, along with a description of just what goes on here.

The Shrug, and Other Free Speed

: Buying bike speed eventually gets pricey. What speed is available without spending any money or getting any fitter?

What Size? Part 2

: If Trek, Felt, Cervelo, BMC say you can ride multiple sizes of their superbikes, which of these sizes is the right one for you?

What Size Bike?

: You've decided on the bike you want. Now you need to know what size to buy? Are you a 51cm, a 54cm, or a 56cm? Let's go through the process.

Choosing Your Felt Superbike

: Do you covet a Felt IA? You tell me how you fit aboard any tri bike, I'll tell you exactly which IA or DA you need to buy, with the precise stem and front-end you need.

Finding Your Ideal P5

: We're going to determine what my best P5 Six would be via a simple 5-minute process you can use to discover which P5 size and front-end config is ideal for you.

Find Your Superbike: Trek

: If you knew what I know, you could find the bikes, all bikes, road or tri, that fit you, in 20 or 30 minutes tops. So let's make sure you know what I know.

Looking for a Tri Bike?

: How do you choose a bike? Herein is a list of imperatives, 18 of them. How could any bike run that gauntlet? Turns out, selecting your perfect bike isn't that hard.

The GURU system

: We wrote about the GURU fit bike last year, in a series on fit tools. Here we're talking about the entire GURU system, what it is, what it means for the future of retail and of how you and your bike ...

Low Profile top caps

: Tall headset top caps are my great while whales. I don't want to eliminate them, just cut them down to size. John Cobb to the rescue.

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