Atlantic City MLT photo gallery

Here are images from the latest Major League Triathlon event in Atlantic City, N.J.

MLT was founded in 2016 featuring 8 pro teams comprised of two men and two women each competing in the Super Sprint Mixed Team Relay format seen in the ITU World Championships from 2009 through 2016. Each member of the four-person relay teams – in an alternating gender order - completes a course consisting of a 300 meter swim, a 6 kilometer bike leg and a 1-mile run.

On June 3 in Atlantic City, the Cleveland Rock and Roll team won its second straight team title and the favorite’s role going into the two remaining series races in Vail, Colorado on August 26 and September 9 in Cleveland, Ohio.

All photographs © John Dimaio.

Dan Feeney (Puerto Rico Islanders) and Nick Vandermolen (California Cadence).

(L to R) Jason West (Atlantic City Waves), John Rasmussen (Carolina Gliders), Dan Feeney (PR Islanders), Alex Libin (Colorado Peaks), Nick Vandermolen (California Cadence), Robbie Deckard (Indy Cats), Greg Billington (Cleveland Rock and Roll), and Rudy Von Berg (Sarasota Sun).

Dan Feeney (left) and John Rasmussen (right) enter the water in their HUUB Design suits. All four members of the teams complete the swim-bike-run course which is contained within one square mile for ease of spectating.

Rudy Von Berg (Sarasota Sun) and Nick Vandermolen (California Cadence) exit the swim.

Rudy Von Berg (Sarasota Sun), Greg Billington (Cleveland Rock and Roll) and John Rasmussen (Carolina Gliders) lead into T2 on the 1st bike leg.

Nick Vandermolen (California Cadence) hands off to teammate Ericka Ackerlund to begin 2nd leg. All in all, there are 16 handoffs.

Erin Stories (Carolina Gliders) chases Lindsey Jerdonek (Cleveland Rock and Roll), who opened a big lead at the end of the 2nd leg.

Ericka Acklund (California Cadence) and Sonja Kent (Indy Cats) get lapped by Lindsey Jerdonek (Cleveland Rock and Roll) on the 2nd leg run.

Brittany Warly (Colorado Peaks) finished the 2nd leg in 5th place.

AJ Baucco (Cleveland Rock and Roll) entered T1 with a healthy lead.

Robby Webster (PR Islanders) chases the field on the third leg.

Ben Kanute (Indy Cats) chases Cleveland Rock and Roll with ferocity.

Michael Arishita (Sarasota Sun) hands off to teammate Jillian Peterson for the final leg.

Robby Webster (Puerto Rico Islanders) hands off to teammate Adriana Barraza for the final leg.

Robbie Deckard (Indy Cats) Rudy Von Berg (Sarasota Sun), Robby Webster (PR Islanders) and AJ Baucco (Cleveland Rock and Roll).

Adriana Barraza (PR Islanders) nears the end of her bike split in front of Kennedy Plaza.