Revised, Expanded Zwift Rides

We are adding a Zwift event on Friday morning; and we're moving a Thursday ride from morning to evening (and we're changing its format).

And we're going to change the Thursday mid-morning ride to an evening ride (and change its format).

Effective immediately, and this includes tomorrow's ride, Slowtwitch's Zwift rides are:

Tuesday Structured Training: Tuesday Afternoon, 4pm Pacific. 60-70min. This is the eponymous no-drop event that regularly features between 60 and 90 Slowtwitchers.

Hilly Vanilli: Thursday Evening, 6pm Pacific: 50-70min; this ride now will feature 3 "waves": 5:50pm D; 5:55pm C-; 6:00pm C+, and all these are Pacific Time. The goal is to see if the later leaves can finish with the earlier, and if the earlier leaves can hang on with the later if/when caught.

Festina Lente: Friday Morning, 8am Eastern, 60min, Structured Training. Festina Lente is Latin for "make haste slowly". It was the other finalist, in 1986, when I was deciding what name to call my new wetsuit manufacturing company. "Festina Lente" lost out to "Quintana Roo". Now, 32 years later, I finally get to use it.

If you click the links above through the Zwift Companion App you'll go straight to the event, and can "join" the event there.

For those of you naive to Zwift, here's our primer, beginning with the first of several installments.