2013 Sea Otter Classic - day 2

We spent another day at the Sea Otter Classic and checked out SRAM Short Track event, rode the SRAM Red 22 and perused an endless amount of exhibitor booths.

SRAM long time ace mechanic Jose Acala set up our SRAM Red 22 test ride bike with the new hydraulic disc brake.

Some others got to experience the new hydraulic rim brake of the SRAM Red 22.

The lever is indeed a bit taller but felt comfortable and not very different from the standard one this editor has gotten familiar with.

Canadian Olympian Emily Batty really got dialed for the short track cross country.

The virtually unbeatable Marianne Vos made it look easy and grabbed the short track win only days after winning Fleche Wallonne for the fourth time in Belgium.

Geoff Kabush lead the charge and eventually took the win in the SRAM Short Track event.

XTERRA Maven Conrad Stoltz in action during the short track race.

The race winning Scott Scale 29er of Geoff Kabush. We will have a more detailed feature about this bike later.

Shimano unveiled the lighter XTR M987 brakes with a different rotor at Sea Otter. Savings are about 40 grams per wheel.

The man Joe Lawwill with the new carbon 29er XTR tubular wheels.

We spied this bling in the expo. But do not try to do that to your race helmet.

We are likely not the only ones who found it amusing to see a Lemond bike on the Wahoo Kickr trainer.

The Vis 180 tail light from Light & Motion puts out 50 lumens and has an amber side blinky light too.

TRP presented their HY/RD road disc brake that has all the hydraulics in the caliper and is actuated mechanical.

The ProLogo Nago Evo Tri 40 saddle was spied on an Argon 18 E118 bike.

Start them young. 9-year old Jace Locke showed no fear at this airpad landing bike jump.

These Kitsbow shorts demand a very hefty $265 price tag.

This QAK Thumb Blu wireless headset should really not be used on the bike, but that will likely not stop folks.

Hutchinson's 28mm Secteur tires are meant for gravel riding and racing, but these tubeless tires need sealant inside.

We noticed a Giant Propel in the expo area and will have a separate feature on that bike.