IM European Champs race images

The 2014 Ironman European Champions are Sebastian Kienle and Corinne Abraham with superb performances, but there was much more going on in and around Frankfurt, Germany as is shown in this gallery.

Superb bike efforts, unique bikes, fast runs and broken course records. All in a day's work.

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The Pro athletes are ready to hit the water, but Camilla Pedersen took her time.

About 100 Pros started separate from all the age groupers.

Ironman World Champion Frederik Van Lierde was the first to set the pace on the bike after a very solid swim.

Olympic champion Jan Frodeno looked strong and smooth but had bad luck with 3 flat tires.

The always dangerous Ronnie Schildknecht managed to grab 4th place in Frankfurt.

The upcoming talent Marc Duelsen features regularly in the front of the races he enters.

Brit Jodie Swallow hammered the bike.

Once Sebastian Kienle smelled blood there was no stopping this teutonic express. He smashed the bike course record with a fabulous 4:12:14 split.

Corinne Abraham was near the front of the race most of the day. And she apparently knows how to step it up at big races.

Before the race Natascha Badmann made sure all water is out of her bike and it did the magic. Her bike split of 4:44:25 was fastest among the females.

The Honey Badger really knows how to drill it. And she gave former TBB team mate Jodie Swallow all she could handle.

We overlooked Eva Wutti in our preview, and she almost made us look foolish. She featured prominently up front until the end of the bike but she did not finish.

Kiwi Gina Crawford quietly did her thing and grabbed a podium spot.

Who says fat tires are only for snow or sand?

But not all age group activities were equally entertaining.

Sebastian Kienle ran sub 2:50 and grabbed his first Ironman title in course record time.

Frederik Van Lierde tried to run down the German, but it was not meant to be today.

Completely spent after this hard day. Physically and emotionally on his birthday.

The new Ironman European Champion Corinne Abraham.

She came to Germany for a few KPR points, and Liz Lyles did that and more.