IM Kona 2015 - day 3 images

The big race day is almost upon us, but we still had time in and around Kona to see people and check out new gear and bikes. Share your thoughts below.

Metal Mike is a pretzel maven, and you can find him near the Pacific Vibrations store on Likana Lane, where Rudy Project and Giant bikes have store fronts.

Tim Van Berkel traded in his stealth black bike for the more colorful Trinity Advanced Pro 0.

At the Kona community pool, Matt Hanson and Justin Daerr await another swim set under the watchful eyes of Tim Floyd.

Mid lane sprints are a great way to get swim start speed.

Matt Hanson looked smooth and confident in the pool.

Culprit showed this Legend prototype, and we will have a separate feature later.

Carlos Moleda will be racing this weekend and we wish him and all the other competitors a great time.

The action in the NormaTec booth was still on, even after other booths were shut down for the day.

The new NormaTec Pulse model is light at 3 pounds 6 ounces and roughly half the size. It has a bunch of new features and retails for $1,599, and can be purchased at the expo.

Matt Chrabot with his wife Jaci near the expo area.

Busy times near the old airport today.

The 2013 champion Frederic van Lierde looked lean and was apparently running on clouds.

Clif offered these cool support signs where athletes could place their faces, and Kristin Schwieger from Winter Park, Florida was one among many who did that.

Dave Scott had a long line waiting for his autograph in the EAS booth.

Rob Gray with his very trick custom painted Dimond. Soon in a separate feature.

VonDrais is currently offering a limited run of these Kona themed tags on their site, but you better hurry.

The custom Zipp Kona graphics are very cool.

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