Interbike 2015 day 2 images

The first day inside at the Mandalay Bay Convention center for the 2015 Interbike trade show, and here is what we noticed in Sin City. Gear, gadgets, nutrition, and more gear.

Emilio DeSoto brought his new Dos Almas Reposado Tequila to Interbike. It is infused with cinnamon and agave nectar and according to Emilio it is 100% natural, gluten free, has no GMO's, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavorings, with the lowest glycemic index of its kind, and soon to be certified organic. It is made in the town of Tequila, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico and it is expected to start shipping before the holidays to DeSoto dealers and restaurants.

The PN 2.1 is a brand new saddle for ISM, and later we will have a big rundown on their offerings as the brand recently has changed its model names.

Dave Scott did demos all day at the Marquis pool, but he was outside the pool every time we saw him.

The Orca Killa 180 goggles have a great view, and will be available in November.

The blueseventy booth with an Instagram theme is very cool, simple, and represents the brand well.

GU showed whole food bars made with organic dates and organic roasted quinoa, inspired by their VP of Research Magdalena Boulet. The packaging is not yet finalized.

This new GU gel flask was made together with Hydrapak and it is substantial, but not yet available.

This red Bambino is certainly bright and different.

Kask has a ton of color options for the Bambino helmet.

Craig Harrison of BKOOL explains the BKOOL trainer and 3D World simulator. You do not need a BKOOL trainer to experience the 3D World, but it offers more.

The Garmin Varia Smart Bike Lights work as brake lights and turn signals. And the brightness of the light increases as speed goes up and light conditions decrease.

The Varia Rearview Radar warns the cyclist of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards.

Green is a new color for POC and it is clearly connected to the Cannondale-Garmin team. But you and I can also get our hands on this color selection.

The new Boyd 60mm aero wheel is 27mm wide with a 19mm internal. There is also a 44mm and 28mm deep offering from Boyd.

This 15 pound solid aluminum wheel was created to test the shape in the wind tunnel, and soon a 90mm version of it will go in.

Jonathan Toker showed his new FASTCHEWS at Interbike, available in Tart Orange and Zesty Lemon-Lime. MSRP for a roll of 10 tablets is $2.99.

Leon Griffin was in Vegas to help out sponsor Ashworth Awards, but he is soon off to Cozumel to race.

Lynskey Performance showed a late stage titanium prototype triathlon model in Las Vegas.

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