Bozzone, Bentley rule Cobra 70.3

2008 70.3 World Champion Terenzo Bozzone held off 2007 Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack to win the 2009 Cobra 70.3 Philippines in a time of 3:51:25. The women's title was taken by Lisa Bentley in 4:24:29.

The men

An impressive albeit small field had come to the start of the inaugural Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines at the the Camsur Watersports Complex. As expected, Pete Jacobs led the men out of the water, and he had Terenzo Bozzone hot on his heels and Chris McCormack, Cam Brown and Timothy Marr not that much further behind.

These 5 pros virtually spent most of the bike leg together too and all came into T2 within a few seconds of each other.

Out on the run it became soon clear that either an Aussie or a Kiwi would take this title and Bozzone and MccOrmack managed to get rid of the other contenders. In the end it was Kiwi Bozzone who held off the Aussie with the impressive resume, and grabbed the inaugural 70.3 Philippines title.

The women

Leading the swim for the women were Gina Kehr and Bree Wee, and Kehr managed to get out of the waters first. These 2 American women though managed to gap Aussie Charlotte Paul and Canadian Lisa Bentley by 4 minutes.

Bentley though had the fastest bike split by about 4 minutes and managed to enter T2 virtually tied with Kehr and Wee. From there it was a battle of Kehr and Bentley for the title and Bentley was able to outrun Kehr to the finish line. Kehr held on to second and Paul ran past Wee to take third.

Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines
Camsur, Phillippines / August 23, 2009

Top 10 men

1. Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) 3:51:25
2. Chris McCormack (AUS) 3:52:18
3. Cam Brown (NZL) 3:52:31
4. Pete Jacobs (AUS) 3:56:51
5. Timothy Marr (USA) 4:02:52
6. Frederik Croneborg (SWE) 4:10:18 * AG M25-29
7. Daiki Masuda (JAP) 4:17:06
8. Mao Yung Yang (AUS) 4:20:11 * AG M18-24
9. Allister Knox (AUS) 4:20:40 * AG M35-39
10. Kristian Manietta (AUS) 4:26:34 * AG M30-34

Top 5 women

1. Lisa Bentley (CAN) 4:24:29
2. Gina Kehr (USA) 4:26:11
3. Charlotte Paul (AUS) 4:31:26
4. Bree Wee (USA) 4:45:31
5. Monica Torres (AUS) 4:48:18