Road rage incident has aftermath

The Hamilton, Ontario newspaper The Spectator also known as The Spec reported today that a local businessman was ordered to pay $75,000 restitution for the road rage beating of a young triathlete in September of 2012 and that aggressor now also has a criminal record.

According to The Spec John Erik Rasmussen and a fellow cyclist were on a training ride in Flamborough, Ontario when 51-year old Michael Mizener driving in a pickup truck, felt the two were taking up too much of the road, told them off and grazed one of the riders with the mirror of his truck. As the story goes, they all pulled into a parking lot where Mizener got out of his vehicle and punched Rasmussen, then 21. Rasmussen was knocked to the ground and Mizener continued to beat him until the other cyclist was able to break it up.

Rasmussen sustained a broken wrist and facial injuries in the incident and Ontario Court Justice Frederic Campling now came down hard on Mizener, who is the president of M&L Testing Equipment Canada. In addition to the massive restitution order Mizener also got 18 months probation, is prohibited from possessing weapons for 10 years and needs to provide police with a DNA blood sample. According to TheSpec Mizener will have a criminal record, but no jail time, and was convicted of assault causing bodily harm.

This also paves the path for a civil lawsuit, and Judge Campling sounded quite confident. "If I were in his shoes, I sure would," and "in my view, (he) would be awarded substantial damages … I would think six figures anyway," said Campling.

But Rasmussen who is currently training in Tucson, Arizona has other things on his mind.

"I'm going to look into the available options, but for right now I'm just glad this process has come to a close," said Rasmussen to slowtwitch.

At the recent PATCO Sprint Championships in Sarasota, Florida Rasmussen finished 5th, but the return to riding outside and racing was not easy.

"I had a cast on my wrist for about 12 weeks, and as soon as I was cleared by the doctors I started riding on the trainer. It definitely took some time before I felt comfortable riding outside, but I had to learn to accept that it was a just a freak situation and there are far more courteous drivers in the world," added Rasmussen.

We also asked Rasmussen if he had words with Mizener since the September 2012 incident but that is not so.

"He has no spoken to me since the incident and I believe has a restraining order now," said Rasmussen.