A Ceepo Shadow in the wild

The new Ceepo Shadow series surprised many folks when it was announced, and several Pros jumped on board with this brand in the last year. Currently Spaniard Miquel Blanchart is getting ready for Ironman Lanzarote and we were able to get up close with his bike. The Shadow featured here is the slightly less wild version of the wicked Ceepo Shadow-R that was the hot topic last July.

Miquel Blanchart rides a medium sized 2019 Ceepo Shadow and has it fully slammed. He is 183cm tall and weighs 70kg.

The handlebars are by Progress and the extensions by Profile Design and the stem is also by Profile Design.

A closer look at the cockpit of Miquel Blanchart from above. No BTA bottle mount, just a place for his bike computer.

Blanchart rides on a Cobb Plus 2 saddle and he has XLab cages mounted tightly below.

165mm Rotor 2InPower cranks with 53-39 Rotor rings move this Ceepo Shadow forward and keep track of his power. Speedplay pedals round out the package.

Up close with the disc brakes on this bike. They are cable actuated TRP Spyre.

The rear disc caliper shows signs of heavy use and a possible fall.

The wheels are Progress Space disk 88/50 and Miquel Blanchart rides Continental 5000 tires on them.

When on the bike he is kitted up with a Spiuk Aeroslave suit, Spiuk Cronos helmet and Spiuk Profit shoes.