First pics of the new and wicked Ceepo Shadow-R

Ceepo introduced the unique Ceepo Shadow-R super bike today and we have first images of this clever aerodynamic design that will likely will bring out emotional responses. Folks like to complain that many bikes look too much alike, but I also know that folks also have a hard time accepting change, any change. That is even true for something as simple as new paint schemes on popular existing bikes. Plus in general it is much easier to complain.

I however do like the thinking here and am impressed with this out of the box thinking project from this small brand. With seat stays and a traditional fork removed, the bike is designed around a central horizontal central beam, and will be available in 3 t-shirt sizes - Small, Medium and Large. According to Ceepo the size Medium and Large will be available in October and the size Small should be available in November. But let us now look closer at the Ceepo Shadow-R.

This bike is sure to make a big impression, and yes of course there are similarities to some existing designs. Ceepo expects Andy Potts and various other professional athletes they support to be on this Shadow-R in Kona this year.

The disc brakes, hubs and various other components are shielded by this Central Beam, and no, this is not a fender wrapped around the Vision front wheel, but rather part of the structure that holds that Central Beam.

Here is a closer look at the point where the unique Ceepo Shadow-R is connected to the headtube. The brake cable also runs through structure.

This is what the wind sees.

Ceepo added channels into the Central Beam.

A storage unite with a zipper is integrated into the design and can hold a variety of items. But hopefully nothing you need quick access to.

The integrated bento box on the top will likely hold gels etc.

Another look at the bottom part of the frame where the storage box sits.

The proud R&D crew from Ceepo at Eurobike, where the bike was finally shown to the world today. Sean Chou, Gilles Cantin and Damon Millar.

Here is an image from the brochure Ceepo brought to Eurobike.