Garmin's New Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus Head Units

: The announcement of these products contains both legacy function as well as new hardware and software capacity.

Unboxing the FSA PowerBox Carbon

: We get our hands on the latest power meter from FSA, made in conjunction with Power2Max. It uses hollow carbon arms, mated to a +/-2% accuracy power measuring device.

Do the NEO Bike and the Garmin Vector 3 Power Numbers Match?

: Historically NEOs and Vectors did not have a great reputation for generating congruent power numbers. What about now?

Lezyne Smart Connect LED Light Combo

: I’m rolling out of the house with lights on my bike, night or day, and lately when I roll out it’s been with this.

Vuka Shift AXS 90

: Zipp has managed truly wireless aerobar shifting. Also, SRAM's Multiclics extend the Zipp system to pursuit bar shifting.

The RUNN Wireless Treadmill-to-Zwift Sensor

: This $99 unit has advantages over a footpod, if you're a Zwift runner.

The Kickr Bike: Long Term Review

: Since I’m writing about the Kickr Bike today my time to give it back is approaching, and this won’t be easy.

How the Varia Displays on Different Head Units

: Are you a Garmin Varia fan? Here's a video of how one Varia's signal displays on 7 different GPS units.

Shimano's Dura Ace R9100P Power Meter

: Shimano has been interested in measuring pedaling dynamics for quite some time. Let's talk about its first actual power meter.

Garmin Varia: Permission to Ride Outside

: The upsurge in Gravel and Stationary are each responses to fear of the paved road. Hence the popularity of the Varia.

Slowtwitch 12 Days of Xmas, WHOOP Strap 3.0

: A wearable with the endurance athlete in mind.

Slowtwitch 12 Days of Xmas, Stages Dash M50

: Bright screen, adaptive training zones and long lasting battery life for this cycling computer.

Wahoo ELEMNT Integrates With Rearview Radar

: Chief complaint of the ELEMNT ROAM: Doesn't integrate with Garmin's Varia Radar. Wahoo cured this omission with its new firmware upgrade.

ROAM Wasn’t Built in a Day

: Flagship brands like Wahoo gain my loyalty through values not on a feature set

Wahoo's New ROAM: Color Me Satisfied

: The main upgrade? Crisp, clear, color screen. Otherwise? Mostly good, one or two niggles, a nice step forward.

SRAM's Acquisition of PowerTap

: SRAM increases its incursion into power. It'll keep the PowerTap name (not fold it into Quarq). Does it most admire the Hubs or the Pedals?

Garmin Buys Tacx

: Both companies had a need. But both companies had a similar problem. Wahoo is the presence in the background of this acquisition.

Quarq's New Chain Ring PM

: Quarq is integrated into the AXS ecosystem with this new power meter motif.

Gettin' Groovy with Rouvy - Part 1: Getting Started

: Stationary is the hottest segment in non-motorized cycling. Rouvy is yet another stationary brand you should know about.

Trainerroad's Workout Calendar

: It's for triathletes and cyclists who want a powerful workout organizer, but not the ardency required of the Training Peaks user.

CycleOps H2, Fifteen Rides In

: After dozens of hours on both CycleOps Hammer and H2, here's my long term review, with an emphasis on the new H2.

It's Game On With Zwift

: Zwift is a game. Or a training tool. It's also a virtual community, like Westworld, except there's real people behind every avatar.

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