The Power of Buying Pre-Owned Bikes

: Now more than ever, it might be time to re-consider the used bike marketplace.

Andy Trouard's Time Alpe d'Huez 01

: Finding a top-notch frame in the right geometry, using a standard stem, with Dura Ace 9200, in this supply chain nightmare, was not easy.

Continental’s New 5000 S TR Unlocks Door to Hookless

: This new tire is lighter, faster, more puncture resistant and easier to mount, says Conti.

The Climbing Rig

: I went 9 years without a new road bike. Now I have 2. This Cervelo R5, with assists from Shimano and CADEX, is my new climbing rig.

Cervelo's R5: The Climbers Delight

: My search for a dedicated climbing bike started with about 200 models; it ended an hour later with this model.

Why I Ride What I Ride

: What you choose to ride is not important. How you came to make your decision is.

ENVE Is Now Also a Custom Bike Maker

: ENVE offers custom complete road bikes, joining 3T as an accessory brand making the jump to complete bike maker.

Quintana Roo's SRsix Road Bike (With Aero Data)

: QR whispered out its SRfive aero road bike. It's shouting out its SRsix, because it's got aero data in-hand.

Cervelo Caledonia Long Term Review

: Here is what I like and don't like about this bike. Spoiler alert: take a hard look at the most affordable bikes in the series.

3T Strada: Another Gerard Vroomen Special

: It's a bike Gerard throws all his previous experience into, but the ancestor with the strongest genes is the P3C.