361° Running Sensation 2

: It's like the Asics GT2000. But more cushioned, more springy, and much more flexible in the forefoot.

A 2016 IRONMAN Kona men run gallery

: Today we share an image gallery of various professional men during the marathon of the 2016 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Lacing Systems

: I asked top ITU coach Jamie Turner (Gwen Jorgensen and others) what his racers use. I expected them all to be in the same lacing system, but, no.

70.3 Oceanside shoe count

: At the 2015 accenture Ironman 70.3 California at Oceanside, David Jewell of ShoeRanger.com did an extensive running shoe count and shared it with slowtwitch.

Vivobarefoot Review

: We review two shoes from Vivobarefoot - the Aqua Lite road shoe and the Breatho Trail shoe. These offerings fall in line with all others from Vivo, featuring flat soles and thin construction.

Defining Minimal - Part 2

: We continue our series on minimal footwear. What makes a shoe minimal? We also suggest an overhaul for the naming scheme of all running shoes, whether minimal or not.

Defining Minimal - Part 1

: We kick off a series dedicated to finding out what makes a shoe truly 'minimal' or not. Our first segment includes an interview with Exercise Scientist and retail store owner, Matt Ebersole.

Kona 12 Top 15 women - run

: Today we look at the top 15 overall women finishers on the run at the 2012 Ironman World Championships with their respective run splits and details of their running shoes.

2012 Kona top 15 men - run

: Here is a look at the top 15 overall men on the run at the 2012 Ironman World Championships with their respective run splits and details of their running shoes.

Kona 2011 - Top 15 men on the run

: We again present the top male 15 athletes overall finishers during the run and talk about their running shoes. Fastest runner again was Aussie Pete Jacobs who managed a marathon time of 2:42:29 and ...

Kona 2011 - Top 15 women on the run

: It is again time for our annual top 15 Ironman Hawaii features and we start this year with the top 15 female finishers during the run in Kona. The fastest run split of the day belonged to Mirinda ...

The Great Running Debate

: What constitutes good running form? Does good form lend itself to natural, or barefoot, or minimalist, running technology? What are the hallmarks of that technology?

Tech footwear demystifier

: We write about running footwear here a lot. It seemed appropriate to tell you how to read and interpret these articles. What is a "pronator?" What is a "last?" What is an "outsole," and a "medial ...