ENVE SES 3.4 carbon clinchers

Today we look closer at the Smart ENVE System 3.4 carbon clinchers, a beautiful wide and shallow wheel set from the Ogden, Utah based brand.

The set we had in hand was built up with DT Swiss 240 hubs, but they are also available in a Chris King version. The front wheel is 26mm wide and 35mm deep and has 20 spokes, while the rear is 24mm wide and 45mm deep with 24 spokes. On our scale the front wheel with the ENVE rim strip weighed 679 grams while the rear with the rim strip in place was 806 grams. We listed them here in the race wheels category, but they would certainly be very fine training wheels too - one of the big advantages of carbon clinchers.

The understated graphics go well with just about any bike paint scheme.

The DT Swiss 240 hub up front.

The front rim is 35mm deep and the brake track blends in quite nicely.

A look at the inside of the carbon clincher with the rim strip in place.

We weighed our wheels and the front was right at 679 grams.

The slightly taller 45mm deep rear rim.

The DT Swiss 240 rear hub is laced up with 24 spokes.

The view of the rear rim from above.

806 grams for the rear rim with the rim strip.

Hand made in the USA, and don't you forget it.

We won't test these SES 3.4 carbon clinchers, but will feature a longer test of the 8.9 clincher Smart Enve System version in a little while. Soon also a closer look at a tubular SES 3.4 set in a cyclocross specific setup.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com