Vittoria Air-Liner Road

: Foam liners are popular in MTB and gravel, but triathlon is likely to be the first market to adopt this product (just released) for road.

CADEX's 32mm Classics Tire

: This is a really nice road tire. But the CADEX Classics 32mm is as much about paradigm changes as about the tire itself.

Review: ENVE SES Road Tires

: Our Tech Editor reviews ENVE’s big entry in to the tubeless tire market. It promises aero performance and low rolling resistance – does it deliver?

CADEX Intros a Tire for Paris Roubaix, and for Ironman

: Triathletes and Pro Tour Classics riders share similar needs. CADEX, of the Giant Group, just made a tire that may pique your interest.

ENVE Launches SES Road Tires

: Better known for wheels, forks, and bars, ENVE officially released the SES collection of tires. Tubeless-ready, aero, and fast-rolling, we take a close look.

Tubeless: What Do They Know That We Don’t?

: Seven out of the top 10 men in Kona rode tubeless, including the top 4, and the top bike split ridden.

Determining Proper Tire Pressure

: Our Tech Editor continues our series on tire pressure, getting into the details of how to dial in your optimal setting.

Tire Pressure and Rolling Resistance

: We dive in to the complicated world of rolling resistance and tire pressure, translating it into some key take-homes.

Schwalbe's New Pro One and Pro One TT

: This brand has the inside lane on road tubeless. Its new tires have completely closed down the gap owned by tire + latex tube.

Zipp and the Future of Road Tubeless

: As with disc brakes, there’s the way things oughta be and the way things are. Road tubeless is the way things are (or soon will be).

Does Conti Deserve the Love? No. Yes.

: There is market share. And then there is an abject stranglehold on a market segment. Does Continential deserve a 71 percent brand preference?

Sealant Test - Part 2

: In the second part of our sealant test, we share our full results for all seven contestants, along with key take-home messages.

Sealant Test - Part 1

: Which sealant is the best? Do they perform differently with butyl and latex tubes? Does the size of the puncture matter? We devised a test to find out some answers.

28mm Tire Shootout

: With winter coming, we compare four popular 28mm tires for your training and racing pleasure – Challenge, Michelin, Serfas, and Specialized. Who has the fastest one?

Choosing your tire width

: We cover a very basic question – how do you pick the right tire size? Is there one ‘right’ width for all situations? What should you consider?

Specialized Road Tires 2014

: We review three Specialized road tires – the S-Works Turbo, Turbo Pro, and Roubaix Pro. With new rubber compounds and puncture breakers, the big S is making big claims.

Serfas Urbana 650c Review

: We review the Serfas Urbana 650c x 28mm tire. This unique product is custom made for one retailer, and is one of the only wide 650c tire options in the world.

Continental GP 4000 S II

: Continental quietly unveiled a new version of their popular GP4000 S tire at Eurobike this year. We got in touch with them for more tech information to satisfy our tire geeks.

Fast Tires 2013 - Part 3

: This is our third segment covering the state of racing and training tires in the 2013 model year. Our last few brands aren't the largest, but may have just what you need.

Fast Tires 2013 - Part 2

: We continue our 2013 update on all-things-tire. This segment covers a few more brands, including Bontrager, Challenge, Schwalbe, and Specialized.

Fast Tires 2013

: We examine the world of tires for the 2013 model year. What has changed? Who are the major players? Perhaps most importantly - what is the fastest?

Michelin Pro4 Review

: We take a detailed look at the Michelin Pro 4 tire line. This versatile tire now has four distinct models, new sizes, and even 650c. We also call in an expert to do Crr testing.

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