Have Carbon Clinchers Finally Hit the Weight We Want?

: Clinchers have never matched the weight of tubulars, until now? The DT Swiss Mon Chasseral hits surprising numbers.

ENVE launches Foundation Series

: ENVE announced a new less-costly, tubeless-only line of road wheels. We dive into the details of these made-in-USA carbon hoops.

DT Swiss GR 1600 Gravel Wheel Review

: We take a close look at a mid-priced gravel option from DT Swiss. With a sub-$700 price and wide rims, they make a strong case.

Why Modern Wheels Work Better

: We go full-nerd to talk about how and why modern wheels aren't what they used to be - and why that's a good thing.

Video: How to Properly Clean Out Tubeless Tires

: Our Tech Editor takes a dive into the best methods for cleaning out old tubeless tire sealant – to keep your tires fresh and functioning.

Touring ENVE - The Factory

: Continuing our tour of ENVE HQ, we take you on a journey through the massive factory, machine shop, and their many manufacturing processes.

Touring ENVE – The Test Lab

: We spent a day checkout out ENVE HQ in Ogden, Utah. Our afternoon was spent in the test lab, learning about (and breaking) the latest tech.

Winterizing Tubeless Wheels and Tires

: Our Tech Editor shows you how to prepare your wheels and tires for winter riding or storage, to minimize problems.

ENVE SES AR 3.4 Disc Review

: Our Tech Editor looks at the rough-road-focused SES AR 3.4 from ENVE, with tubeless-only, hookless, and super-wide hoops.

DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 62 Review

: We detail a set of carbon clincher wheels from DT Swiss, ridden by the likes of multi world champion, Daniela Ryf.

Video: How To Inject Tire Sealant

: A step-by-step video showing how to inject tire sealant using the kit from KOM Cycling.

Touring DT Swiss with Richard Murray

: We tag along for a virtual tour of the DT Swiss headquarters with ITU phenom Richard Murray.

Video: Beginner's Guide to Tubeless Installation

: We dive deep in to installation of road tubeless tires. Can it be done without making a mess? Yes!

Hooked and Hookless Rim Tech

: Continuing our coverage of road tubeless, our Tech Editor explains the ins and outs of hooked and hookless rim designs.

Tubeless Sealant Tips and Strategy

: We dive into tips and tricks specific to tubeless tire sealant. How do you use it or remove it? How often must you add it? What are the best brands?

Tubed and Tubeless Cross-Pollination

: Our Tech Editor explains the differences and commonalities between tubeless and tube-type wheels and tires.

Top Aluminum Wheel Picks for 2019

: After qualifying what makes for a great aluminum wheel, our Tech Editor list the top performance picks for 2019.

Are Aluminum Wheels Relevant in 2019?

: Our Tech Editor looks at the state of alloy wheels in 2019. What should you look for? Are they race-worthy? Will carbon take over?

Hed Ardennes Gets Fatter

: Hed Cycling of Minnesota announces a new, even wider, version of their aluminum Ardennes wheel, dubbed the Ardennes Plus. We take a quick look at the details.

Bontrager TLR 2013 Review

: We review an all-new lineup of wheels, tires, and tire sealant from Bontrager. We’re impressed by their remarkably simple design and reasonably priced options… and the possibility for some ...

Shimano Wheel Review 2012 and 2013

: We take an in-depth look at the wheel offerings from Shimano for 2012, along with a preview of soon-to-be-released 2013 product. Has the Japanese giant finally gone aero?

StayFill Review

: It’s not air, and it’s not CO2. So what is it? We review Stayfill, a unique gas cartridge designed to keep your tires inflated for over a year. How does it work? Read on.

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