2016 IRONMAN Kona bike images - men

Here is a look at the professional males and their bikes during the undulating 180km bike segment of the 2016 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

As the men headed back towards the transition area the 2014 IRONMAN World Champion Sebastian Kienle set the pace.

Defending champion Jan Frodeno was at the front most of the day and rode a very smart race. His bike split was 4:29 even and eventually the 2nd win in Kona.

American Andy Potts was among the early pace dictators but eventually he did pay the price for that effort. His bike time was 4:35:46

With so many fast Germans here Andreas Raelert few a bit under the media radar, but that was not so with the referees and he got a penalty early. He ended up with a 4:46:07 bike time a dropped out during the run.

American Ben Hoffman looked solid all day and he also was also always near the front. His bike time was 4:28:06 and he finished 4th.

Sebastian Kienle put his head down and pushed hard, but in the end he had to settle for the second best bike split in a time of 4:23:55.

Aussie Luke McKenzie dug very deep and set the pace for a long stretch coming back from Hawi. He had a 4:27:55 bike time but it cost him during the run.

The custom Trek Speed Concept and matching kit of Tim O'Donnell was very distinctive. His bike split 4:29:10.

German Boris Stein had the fastest bike split this year with a time of 4:23:04.

Eneko Llanos had a 4:30:38 bike split, but his run was not as good as he wanted.

German Andi Böcherer also came to Kona under the radar, but he cranked out a 4:28:07 and finished 5th overall.

After a 56:41 swim Lionel Sanders rode a very fine 4:26:35 but his running legs were not there.

South African James Cunnama likely had bigger hopes for Kona. In the end he rode a 4:38:33.

Frederik Van Lierde was among several pros who were sent to the penalty tent. His bike split was 4:35:33.

Ronnie Schildknecht rode the new BMC Timemachine in Kona to a 4:35:02.

American Jordan Rapp was dropped from the chasing bike pack and he rode 4:35:03.

Tim Berkel did not have a good day either and rode 4:48:11, but he run sub 3 to bring him inside the top 20.

The front of the field not far from downtown Kona.

Head down and go.

Patrick Lange of Germany is the newest Canyon athlete and it paid well. He finished 3rd overall.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com