A closer look at the Cube Kona project

Cube unveiled a new bike in Kona that will be ridden by Andreas Raelert. Cube partnered with the Swiss Side wheel brand who comes to cycling with a 50-year Formula 1 tech background and while aero data numbers were not disclosed, the Cube brand manager Marko Haas used the phrase "fastest time trial bike in the world" without flinching. But let us have a look at the bike now that is still an early prototype.

The bike looks very interesting for sure and made a statement just sitting there.

According to Cube this open slot behind the headtube helps to deal with stall.

The German flag is very distinctive on this mostly black and white bike. The cockpit uses Profile Design extensions.

Modified Magura hydraulic rim brakes are hidden behind the cover and the modification reportedly allows them to open wider.

The name Andy Raelert is on this bike, but we believe this is only his backup bike.

The Fizik Arione road saddle is attached to the aero post via a Ritchey 1-bolt system and features a behind the seat water bottle system.

Raelert rides Swiss Side Haedron 800 carbon clinchers with 25mm Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II tires front and back.

There are Shimano Dura-Ace drivetrain components throughout, and the seatstays are very low similar to the Felt IA frames.

On this Cube Kona Project we noticed the CeramicSpeed OSPS but a standard Shimano chain. The space above the BB is currently not used for storage but that may make it into production.

Another angle of this fast looking German/Swiss cooperation bike.

All pics © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com