A green and black beauty

German pro Markus Fachbach had a rough day in Kona but at least he was looking good aboard this beautiful green and black Canyon Speedmax CF SLX superbike. "It was by far my longest and hardest day of my 12-year professional long course career," said Fachbach who ended up with a long walk that day after overheating on the bike 120km into the bike segment. But now let us look closer at his Shimano and SwissSide equipped ride.

The size L Canyon Speedmax CF SLX enjoyed a bit of sun and a light breeze a couple days before the race.

Stefan Keul is a very sharp mechanic and he is responsible for the pro bikes.

Like many other European pros Fachbach has opted for SwissSide Hadron 800 Ultimate wheels. In Kona he had them laced up with 23mm Continental GP TT tires.

Here is another look at these Swiss Side Hadron 800 Ultimate wheels.

The cockpit of the Canyon Speedmax CF SLX is very clean and Fachbach is set up on it pretty low.

The pads are set up very tight together and the skinny Markus Fachbach is not much to see for the winds.

When you are a professional it is socially acceptable to have your name on your race machine.

The Elite Crono CX aero water bottle looks like it was indeed meant for this bike.

Various shades of green at the front end of this bike.

Fachbach had a new SRM power meter installed in Kona. The Shimano cranks are 172.5mm long and he used a 54-42 / 11-23 gear setup. The Dura-Ace chain is coated with Dry Fluid High End lubricant.

Here is the PC8 display unit that goes with the SRM. But why is it not green, or black?

The Ergon grips are super nice. And the there is a family connection between the Canyon and the Ergon brands.

Fachbach was very upbeat leading up to the race.

You too can have one of these fast bikes. Check out this Canyon link