The new Cervelo S5 is here

The Cervelo S5 is a popular and proven aero road bike, but it is not good to rest on laurels and thus the crew at Cervelo worked hard on this new design. Aerodynamics, stiffness, weight and system thinking were elements of the engineering targets and design parameters. Dan Empfield will write a more detailed report as Cervelo also introduced a new road aero bar, and and updated Rca, but here for now is the new Cervelo S5 with the new aero bars in place.

The very first impression was very positive. And yes, the all black theme is great.

From the side the new bars are not that obvious.

But from the front and slightly above you can see the differences well. Cervelo claims a 4.4 watts savings from the bars alone, and 21.3 watts on the complete bike compared to the previous S5VWD.

Tube shapes have been expanded and help with stiffness and aerodynamics.

Up close with the front end of the new Cervelo S5.

A bit of gloss on the rear section of the bike, otherwise it is all matte black.

The Cervelo fork matches the lines of the bike quite nicely.

The dropouts were redesigned on the S5.

Up close with the seatpost clamp on the S5. In a size 48 it comes with the 2 position post.

Fizik is the saddle of choice for Cervelo.

The relationship with Rotor has been going on for quite a while now.

Phil White has known Steve Hed before he and Gerard Vroomen started Cervelo, but now the wheels are finally on the bikes.

New for Cervelo is also the relationship with Continental tires.

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