Phoenix Rising: The New Sika Henry Machine

: Here is Sika Henry's Cervelo P3X, with HED Vanquish wheels, Schwalbe Pro One tubeless, and Shimano Ultegra Di2

Making a Cervelo P-Series Your Own

: Bikes are like life partners: There's what you see. And then there's how you'll get along over the long term. Here's real life with a P-Series.

Cervelo's Workhorse Tri Bike Gets an Update

: The P5 and P3X are sexy, the P2 pays the rent. Here's the P-Series, the first update in 6 years of the World's favorite tri bike.

The sweet light ride of a passionate Cervelo fan

: Ben Miller has owned several Cervelo bikes and among them a P2, P3, P4, P5six and most recently a P5X, and he now added a super light P5 Disc to his quiver.

Ben Hoffman's Bike Choice

: With IM South Africa coming up this weekend, what would he chose: P3X or a new P5? I guessed poorly.

Cervelo P3X: The Director's Cut

: The P3X isn’t a watered-down version of the P5X. It’s watered-up version.

Cervelo's 2 New Speed Riser Aerobar Systems

: It's easy and (it appears) cheap to swap aerobar systems between the P3X and the P5. Each aerobar has its virtues.

Up close with Frederik Van Lierde's new Cervelo P5

: Frederik Van Lierde recently took delivery of a brand new Cervelo P5 with disc brakes. He then took it to Mexico to race the Campeche 70.3 and rode a superb 2:00:54 bike split and was first off the ...

Cervelo's New P5

: Here's Cervelo’s new P5. It’s not just a warming over of the old P5. Entirely new mold; new modes of adjustability; disc brakes.

Ben Hoffman's new fast Cervelo P5X

: Ben Hoffman will soon be seen racing on this stunning Cervelo P5X and we had a closer look at his new setup for the coming racing season.

The Cervelo P5X of Trevor Wurtele

: About a year ago Trevor Wurtele raced the Cervelo P5X in Kona shortly after it came out. He has since lowered his position on that bike and we took a closer look at it.

Simple, Cheap and Fast, All At Once

: What I heard: "I often think that all tri bikes other than the P2/P3 and PR3/5 should be done away with."

Cervelo P5X Aerodynamics

: How aerodynamic is Cervelo's new bike? Does it "beat" the competition?

Cervelo's P5X

: Cervelo's 140.6 days turned into the Kona Shuffle. But at long last the P5X is here!

The Hell on Wheels Cervelo P3

: German Thomas Hellriegel won the 1997 IRONMAN World Championships and has always been known for his bike prowess. Here now is his Cervelo P3.

Tyler Butterfield's Cervelo P5

: Tyler Butterfield came to the 2016 Datev Callenge Roth with fitness doubts after a lengthy injury time, but he finished 6th aboard this distinctive Cervelo P5.

Frederik Van Lierde's Cervelo P5

: At the IM European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany we noticed the green custom painted Cervelo P5 of 2013 IM Kona champion Frederik Van Lierde.

Eric Lagerstrom's Alcatraz bike

: Eric Lagerstrom won the prestigious Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon on a Cervelo P3 that he has as a loaner from the Athlete's Lounge in Portland, OR.

Daniel Halksworth's Cervelo P5-6

: The man known also known as Hawky came to Dubai with great ambitions, but his race did not go as planned. We however took a few closeup images of his Cervelo P5-6.

The Cervelo P5 of Martin Jensen

: Martin Jensen had a race best 2:02 bike split at the 2015 Challenge Dubai and we now look closer at his Cervelo P5 race bike and the power numbers of this fast Dane.

The Cervelos of Jack Bobridge

: Jack Bobridge joins the Budget Forklifts team in 2015 and will attempt to break the one hour record, meanwhile though here are his Cervelo P5 and T4 race bikes.

Caroline Steffen's custom P5

: Caroline Steffen is a Swiss powerhouse and thus the Swiss themed new Cervelo P5 makes a great match for this 2014 GoPro Ironman Worlds contender.

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