Felt DA of David Thompson

This is the 2013 Felt DA of Minnesota-based David Thompson. David has been sponsored by Felt for several years, and switched to the newest-style DA for this year (he was previously aboard the version that featured a standard rear brake caliper). His other bike equipment sponsors include SRAM, Quarq, Zipp, and Continental. All photos were taken on Saturday, September 21st, 2013 – the evening before Rev3 Branson.

As you can see, this bike is one mean machine:

Though David stands 6’1” (185cm) tall, he rides a size 54 frame. He says that this is due to his desire for a large amount of handlebar drop and easier air travel.

The bike has a full SRAM Red mechanical drivetrain with TT900 shift levers and a 175mm Red Quarq crank.

These Zipp carbon brake levers were discontinued a couple of years ago, but are a favorite of Thompson.

The DA has a hidden v-brake on the rear.

Some of our savvy readers noticed a recent race photo showing a unique computer mount on Thompson’s bike. Here is a detail shot to satisfy your curiosity:

David made this custom mount from braided wire that is wrapped in an insulating jacket. The wire can be bent into any position desired. David likes this design because it can be put on top of his hands where it is easily visible.

This view shows the Joule GPS mount zip-tied in to place:

Here is a view from below:

David rides with two Go Pro cameras at all times in training (one front, one rear). This K-Edge mount just barely fits between the stem face plate and Zipp Vuka Clip aerobar. David said that he was forced to ride with cameras constantly due to dangerous encounters with drivers that are sending text messages or not paying attention.

Small adhesive pads prevent the frame from being damaged when the handlebars turn:

Thompson installed a SRAM BB30-to-BSA conversion sleeve into this BB30 frame. When asked why, he said that he prefers the simplicity and long life of threaded bottom brackets, and that all of his existing Quarq cranks have the GXP 24mm spindle.

David rides an 808 Firecrest front and Super-9 rear disc. Both feature Zedtech dimpled hubs and stealth black decals.

You read correctly – 25mm tires front and rear. Thompson says that he prefers tubular wheels and tires for their light weight, and the 25mm size handles better on tight race courses.

This bike looks ready to race.

All images © Greg Kopecky / slowtwitch.com