Felt IA 16

: This is the first of our series on sub-$3000 tri bikes we recommend. The IA 16 is another of Felt's shots across the industry bow, alotta bike, nicely-priced.

Felt downstreams its IA

: Felt has compelling models at the top (IA) and at entry level (B Series). It just announced a new IA that slots nicely in between.

Tim Reed's Challenge Dubai Felt

: Tim Reed ended up in second place at Challenge Dubai but he won the hearts of many folks. We now look closer at his Shimano equipped Felt IA race bike.

The Felt IA of Kelly Williamson

: Kelly Williamson won the Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas this summer and we had a chance to look closer at her Felt IA FRD race bike in Kona recently.

Rinny's new Kona Felt IA

: The 2-time Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae is an obvious favorite again this year and we looked closer at her fresh custom Felt IA in Kona.

Felt for 2015

: If every bike company was an animal, Felt would be the Wolverine. It's not the largest company, but it's tough and it always punches above its weight. That's not changing for 2015.

The Felt IA FRD of Tim Reed

: Aussie Tim Reed won Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake with a great performance and here is our look at the Shimano equipped Felt IA FRD of this budgie smuggler.

A new Felt and more for Rinny

: Mirinda Carfrae has a new Felt IA FRD and she went to Mat Steinmetz of 51Speedshop to fine tune the fit. We have her numbers and much more in our hands.

The Felt IA FRD up close

: A high-end bike shop near us was about to get a new Felt IA FRD ready for a consumer, but we managed to check it out before it was customized.

Felt DA of David Thompson

: We take a look at the new Felt DA of Minnesota-based David Thompson. It features SRAM Red, a Quarq power meter, Zipp wheels, and a custom computer mount.

Mirinda Carfrae's Felt IA fit

: About a month ago Felt launched the new IA bike and they quickly made sure that Mirinda Carfrae had one in her hands. We now look at the bike fit of this new bike.

Felt's Newest: the IA

: For a relatively small brand, Felt stays busy. Three new major bike molds this year, and that's almost an annual ritual with these folks. Among them, a new, sexy, high-end tri bike: the IA.

Alison Tetrick's Felt DA

: At the 2013 US Pro Cycling TT Champs we managed to check out the SRAM & Zipp equipped Felt DA race bike of Alison Tetrick of team Exergy TWENTY16.

Felt B12 (2013)

: Felt has been skating along on its flagship B series mold for 5 years. Rather than downscale its newer DA mold, Felt chose to built a new B series mold from the ground up. Here's the B12 built on ...

2013 Felt B2

: The 2013 Felt B2 and B12 bikes inherit the DA frame without the bayonet fork and today we look closer at the higher end B2 edition.

Kristin Armstrong's Felt DA1

: We’ll be writing about Felt’s line of 2013 tri bikes over the next week, and it seemed a nice way to start would be a look at the gold medal bike ridden in London by Kristin Armstrong.

Andreas Böcherer Felt DA

: Andreas Böcherer will be very dangerous in Abu Dhabi and it is a bit surprising that his name has not been mentioned more often. We took a look at his Felt DA race bike.

Felt B2 (2011)

: Felt correctly understands a trend and a truth the rest of the bike industry is slower to grasp: The more the price of a complete tri bike exceeds $5000, the more Di2 elbows its way to the forefront ...

Felt's 2011 DA white paper

: It used to be that a brochure was enough. Not any more. A superbike without a white paper just doesn't seem that super. Here's the authoritative guide on the 2011 DA.

Felt's 2011 DA

: It's been just 3.5 years since Felt remade its tri line-up, top to bottom. But you can't stand pat these days. Here's Felt's new mold, the DA for 2011. Felt's stab at a superbike hits its mark.

Felt B12 (2010)

: The Felt B12 is a worthy competitor to C'dale's Slice 4 and Cervelo's category killing P2, as well as the entry level Equinox TTX and Specialized Transition. But the closest rivel to the B12 isn't ...

Felt B14 (2010)

: Cervelo's juggernaut P2 moved out of the $2500 neighborhood, selling this year for $280. Felt's B14 nicely slotted into the P2's hand-me-down $2500 category; it's a great value for the money.

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