Andy Potts wind tunnel time

With the 2011 racing season almost upon us, Andy Potts traveled to the A2 wind tunnel in Mooresville, NC to get checked out and dialed on his new Kestrel 4000. An image gallery by Herbert Krabel.

All images are © Herbert Krabel /

The Kestrel 4000 sitting a bit lonely in the wind tunnel towards the end of the day.

The day for Andy Potts started with a few packages of Special K cereal with fruit and a bagel

Arriving at the A2 wind tunnel with lots of gear and the assistance of Chris Mesigian

Andy Potts got right to work to unpack his bike.

Mike Giraud setting up the bike in the tunnel to get some base measurements.

Andy Potts gets instructions from Mike Giraud how the testing is getting handled.

Time to focus and get going

The pads are getting lowered by Mike Giraud at this time.

An off we go again, a bit lower now.

Just in case someone isn't sure who just passed them.

Chris Mesigian makes sure that the crew at the A2 wind tunnel isn't starving.

Andy Potts though has to eat on the fly.

Testing with the road helmet and the horizontal speedfil bottle on the extensions.

Testing was also done with the Torhans Aero30 system

Some of the Rudy Project helmets that had been tested earlier.

Jeff Smith of inviscid Design with one of the speedfil bottles

During a change in the tunnel Andy Potts makes sure he stays warm.

Kestrel brand manager Steven Harad looks closer at the setup of his newest athlete.

Time to pack up again for Andy Potts.

As Andy Potts is departing for the airport in Charlotte, another delivery arrives for the larger wind tunnel next door.