A picture tour of ABG

On a recent trip through Chattanooga, TN we managed to get a look inside the American Bicycle Group and managed to snap a few images of the people there and some of the ongoing projects.

All images are © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

No doubts about who is located here.

Engineer/designer Brad Devaney at his desk.

A road bike project in the hands of Brad Devaney

CEO Peter Hurley was just presented with this very nice painting by Quenton Colby of Team Litespeed / BMW

Marcus Higgins in purchasing spends quite a bit of time in Asia these days.

A few Litespeed dealer show bikes sitting upstairs in the sales area.

Brad Devaney with Louis Scroggins, a man for all kinds of projects.

Cory Blanton is getting the truck ready for a test ride tour in Florida.

A closer look at other TRP (test ride program) bikes awaiting to be loaded.

This Quintana Roo prototype frame known as Sluggo was the basis for the CD0.1

There are various hand scribbled notes on the Sluggo frame.

This is a wax version of the CD0.1, now serving archival purposes.

Brad Devaney with the frame set dubbed i2, short for illicito 2

This area is only busy at lunch time and after work.

Steve Dunn in International Sales is a popular man.

Tres Courdin and Todd Grafe are getting ready for a lunch time ride.

Peter Hurley is about to join them.

The lunch ride laving the American Bicycle Group parking lot.

Inside sales rep Chris Brown will be a serious threat at the Elite Nationals in Augusta, GA and is a superb athlete all together.

And down the road they go.