The Fast Blue QR PRsix2 of Allan Hovda

Norwegian Allan Hovda has won Norseman, Swissman, the Lofoten Triathlon and Ironman Haugesund, and just recently did Norseman solo and a 24 hour ride on his new blue Quintana Roo PRsix2. We took a closer look at this SRAM RED eTap AXS 1x equipped race ready machine, and Hovda told us that he has been inspired with some of his part choices by the slowtwitch website and forum.

"It may be needless to say, but I am extremely happy with my setup. The result in my poorly planned 24-hour ride in bad conditions on a non ideal course with moderate watts (199 NP/70kg) shows that the aerodynamic performance is world-class. I got 889km. As always, I still seek improvements and am happy for any thoughts on how I can go faster," said Hovda. "Since the last bike gallery, my bike has been updated quite a bit. The only thing that is unchanged is the Morf-Tech bar and Specialized Sitero seat."

When asked what made him change out certain components he added. "I wanted 1X for the simplicity, weight-saving and improved aerodynamics. If it is actually faster, I am not 100 % certain as the friction increases on the 28/33t (due to cross chaining) and on the 10t due to the sharp angle. For the 24h ride I am certain it was a very good choice, but for Norseman 2021 I will probably convert to a 2X. Since I have not seen friction data for the SRAM AXS 12 speed I will conduct my own testing comparing the watts on my Tacx Neo compared to my crank and/or power pedals with the different gearing choices. Changing from the PRsix to PRsix2 was mainly due to the integrated drinking system which gives me increased flexibility in terms of arm pads (as the BTA is not a concern). The reduced weight and increased stiffness didn't hurt either."

Hovda is 180cm tall and weighs 68kg and rides a 52cm Quintana Roo PRSix2 Disc in matte blue with a matching Qbox. The rear wheel is a Specialized Roval 321 and the front one is a HED Vanquish 8.

The front view of this Quintana Roo PRsix2 with the Morf-Tech TriFold bars is very distinctive, and certainly looks very fast.

A side view of the Morf-Tech bars also shows the integrated QR drinking system well.

When looking from above the custom made Aerotune arm rests are easy to spot, as are the cushy pads by CEE GEES. "The Aerotune arm rests are 3D-printed in plastic and only a demo version to test before they make the "real ones" in carbon. It did, however, work well enough to use in the 24hour ride and Norseman Solo," said Hovda.

Inspiration, motivation and humor comes for different athletes in different places.

“My oldest son who is five-years-old thought I should have a sticker on my bike and he is heavily into pirates. It reminds me to go into a ‘take-no-prisoners’ mindset during racing,” explained Hovda.

Hovda rides 165mm SRAM RED AXS 1X cranks with a 50 tooth ring and an integrated power meter.

When aero gains are important it is hard to look past the Speedplay Aero Zero pedals.

Hovda has a 23mm Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR that measures 24.8mm on the Roval 321 disc. Why the Roval?

"Always use a rear disc. Unless it kills you, it makes you faster - a lesson learned from the slowtwitch forum. But seriously, at 1020g and superb aerodynamic properties it's difficult to find a faster option, even on hilly courses," explained Hovda.

The front tire on that HED Vanquish 8 is a 25mm Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR that measures 27.5mm and Hovda runs Silca latex tubes, because he has been unable to set up the tires tubeless.

"I want to ride them tubeless but have not able to get them to "pop" despite using a booster. Not my local bike shop with their large compressor either. So until I find a way or someone who can I am happy to ride latex," added Hovda.

Up close with the trusted Specialized Sitero saddle of Allan Hovda. He has mounted an XLab Gorilla cage underneath it.

The view of the Sitero saddle from above. Sometimes a saddle and a rider are just a perfect match and that is why it is best to try out various saddles until that sweet spot is found.

That color blue is also my favorite Quintana Roo color.

Bright blue in the city and looking fast standing still.