The 1-hour record Scott Plasma

24-year old Austrian Pro Matthias Brändle scorched the Swiss Aigle track with a record breaking 1-hour performance aboard a Scott Plasma with a 51.852 km distance. October was surely a fine month for the brand with German Sebastian Kienle winning the Ironman World Championships in Kona on a Scott Plasma 5, and French Cyril Viennot grabbing 5th place in Kona aboard that bike. In the women's race Jodie Swallow captured 4th place aboard a Plasma 5, but here now is a closer look at that record breaking machine of Matthias Brändle.

Frame set: SCOTT Plasma 5
Weight: 7.2kg
Gearing: 55-13
Cranks / power meter: Modified 175mm Dura-Ace 7900 with SRM
Display: SRM Powercontrol mounted below the seat, so he will not look at it.
Wheels: Lightweight Autobahn discs with DT Swiss branding
Tires: Schwalbe ONE 21mm

Brändle in full flight during his hour effort last week. Initially it appeared he might go over 52 kilometers, but he slowed down a bit at the end. He though still managed to move past Jens Voigt who recorded 51.115km in mid September.

The seat height is at 81cm and the arm pad height is at 63.5cm for this 189cm tall and 75kg heavy rider.

The view of the Scott Plasma of Brändle from the front. The extensions taper from 20cm at the outside of the pads to 8cm at the front.

The close up view not only shows the clean lines of this Scott Plasma 5, but also the tread pattern of the Schwalbe tires.

Without brakes and shifters the front end appears almost naked.

Brändle pushed a 55-13 gear on 175mm cranks for one hour after warming up.

The Lightweight Autobahn disc is more popular in Europe, but still not a mainstay in triathlon.

Although everything took place on Switzerland, on a Swiss bike of a Swiss Team athlete, 24-year old Brändle is Austrian.

Here is the record breaking pilot who could have done with a little shave before the start.

All images courtesy and © of Scott Sports