1974 edition Rappstar Shiv

Specialized athletes competing during the London Olympics were on bright orange bikes, and here in Kona the Specialized Pros ride 1974 paint scheme inspired Shivs. We took a closer look at the 2013 GoPro Ironman World Championship race bike of Jordan Rapp - an athlete we recently also saw in the Specialized wind tunnel.

1974 is the year when Mike Sinyard started Specialized and the red, orange and yellow colors were part of the logo back then. More recently Robert Egger custom painted a Shiv in those colors and that became the inspiration for this Pro bike theme.

Jordan Rapp's bike will get a rear cage added before the race, but this is pretty close otherwise.

The view from above shows a very tidy cockpit.

Jordan Rapp has been with Zipp and Sram quite a while now.

This custom Zipp Alumina cage features an integrated Garmin head unit mount.

The paint scheme is very eye catching.

A variety of sponsors get love on the rear triangle of Rappstar's Shiv.

Hope is indeed not a strategy, and neither is wishful thinking.

Jordan Rapp rides 170mm S-Works cranks with a Quark power meter.

The Cobb SHC 170 saddle seems to work very well for Rappstar.

The mount for Rappstar's SciCon bag is still in place here but won't be used during the race. A rear bottle cage will be used during the race with a different saddle pouch. 

Zipp 808 Firecrest clincher wheels front and back.

Jordan Rapp rides 23mm Continental Grand Prix 4000 S tires on both wheels.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com