Orange is the new Black

The 2017 Specialized Shiv of Tim Don may not be completely orange, but it is a bright beacon in a sea of black carbon race bikes. But it is not just about looks here. The Shiv of Tim Don also has a lot interesting details thanks to the meticulous work of ace mechanic Jeff Yingling.

Tim Don's bike is awaiting pedals and the pilot.

The cockpit features an Enve base bar with D2Z S extensions and arm pads

The D2Z arm pads were custom mounted direct to the base bar. There are no shims and the pad width was cut and epoxied to match his fit.

Tim Don rides TriRig brakes front and back.

The view from slightly behind shows that the bike is not simply orange.

The 2017 race bike of Tim Don had the Shimano Junction A box relocated to give him a much cleaner front end.

The Don rolls on a Specialized Sitero saddle.

A 55 tooth outer ring is connected to a 11-25 cassette and Don rides 167.5mm Specialized cranks. Not seen here is his Power2Max power meter, but Don has it already back on his bike.

Tim Don has the CeramicSpeed OSPS pulley system and the CeramicSpeed UFO chain connected to his Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 components. The names of his kids are engraved on the pulleys.

New for Tim Don this year are the Roval C64 wheels, but just as he had in 2016 he still rides the Specialized Turbo Cotton tires. The C64 wheels feature CeramicSpeed bearings stock.

And another look at the complete Specialized Shiv Tri race bike in its full glory.