Specialized Shiv Tri unveiled

Specialized unveiled the highly anticipated Shiv Tri bike in Kona, Hawaii yesterday. This new bike sits alongside the Shiv TT and with its geometry and all the various sizing options will make a lot of sense for triathletes.

The new Shiv Tri will be offered in 5 frame sizes, ranging from XS to XL and even the smallest size is a 700c model. The S-Works and Pro bike versions come with a 12.5mm and 37.5mm setback seatposts and both of the posts can be flipped to face either direction, allowing for quite a range of adjustments.

The control tower in the front is available in 3 different sizes and really allows the user to set up the preferred stack height. Combined with the new aerobar and pad system, the owner has an incredible range of stack and reach options. Specialized uses an 1 1/8 inch steerer, allowing a wide range of other stem and bar combinations.

The massive downtube on the Shiv Tri hides a water reservoir that Specialized calls Fuelselage. This integrated hydration system hold approximately a regular water bottle amount in the smaller sizes and more in the bigger versions. The internal bladder is removable and can be refilled during the ride.

The bike with its over sized aero tubing and higher tubing aspect-ratios does not match the 3:1 UCI rule and is thus not UCI legal, and that really does not matter for most triathletes anyway. If anything, that should be considered a selling feature.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com

Rasmus Henning let us have a closer look at his race bike.

The downtube on the Shiv Tri is truly imposing.

No doubt who the owner of this bike is.

Rasmus Henning uses a Quarq power meter.

The hatch that hides the internal hydration system on the Shiv Tri

The Shiv Tri with the bladder removed.

The aero bar system is quite versatile and Rasmus rides his medium Shiv Tri slammed.

The front brakes set in front of the fork.

The seat post is reversible and comes in 2 different setbacks on the Pro and S-Works versions.

Rasmus rides a Specialized Body Geometry saddle.

The hydration system hose attaches with a magnet to the handlebars.

The Fuelselage system out of the bike.

The wedge in front of the aerobars can be moved to the back.

Several racks of Shiv Tri bikes awaited the media and the Specialized Pro team present in Kona.

Paula Findlay, Simon Whitfield and Jordan Rapp have a chat before the ride. Javier Gomez is seen in the background.

Olympic champion Jan Frodeno looked quite in his element on the Shiv Tri bike.