The Kona Q bike of Even Evensen

Oregon resident Even Evensen just grabbed a M65-69 Kona qualification spot at the 2016 Subaru IRONMAN Canada aboard this not so fancy Specialized Roubaix road bike. I met this Old Grizzly last year in Kona where he supported friends and prepared for IRONMAN Cozumel, and although we are as different from one another as can be, there was a mutual attraction and respect. I for one did not even want to ride his simple MacGyver bike [edit: he has an older more beat up version of this bike at a friend's house in Kona] into town, and certainly not use it for a long training ride or in a race. But I greatly respected and admired Even "Bob" Evensen for not being a slave to technology and vanity, and just getting it done. Other triathletes have previously competed in big events aboard fat bikes, BMX bikes and other atypical machines, but they usually have done so for entertainment or to impress folks, for Evensen this is all he has. He entered IRONMAN Canada late in the game and won his age group with a 1:09:19 swim, 6:31:29 bike split and a 5:49:35 for a total time of 13:45:21 and a spot at the GoPro IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Even Evensen is 68-years old and is 5 foot 11 and weighs 165 pounds and his 2008 Specialized Roubaix road bike is a 58cm model.

A simple cockpit with no GPS or other high tech gadgets. Notice the sideways computer.

The view of Even Evensen's work station from above.

According to Evensen the prune juice is a local joke by his young buddies who suggested that he needs his daily geezer prune juice fix.

Evensen had twenty 340 mg salt tabs in his bento box during the race in Whistler. In the back of his bike jersey Evensen carried 20 more salt tabs, a gel flask holding 10 ounces of Powerbar Strawberry Banana gels, and 10 more packets of the same gels.

The tool bag under the saddle is reserved for various tools - a CO2 applicator, 4 threadless CO 2 cartridges, 3 tire levers, 3 tubes, 3 Allen wrenches, and a small tire sheath (in case of a blowout). Having flatted in 2000 at IRONMAN California, being able to fix it and still qualifying, Evensen likes to be prepared. Notice also thew forward Profile Design post.

Evensen does not know what model of ISM saddle that is, and neither do I, but he spends a lot of time in it. He says he stayed in the saddle during all the climbs in Canada.

Evensen borrowed this 10 year old relatively deep rear wheel for IRONMAN Canada, and it worked out.

A Shimano Tiagra crank and no powermeter in sight.

The drag numbers of these Shimano 105 brakes are not an issue of concern for Old Grizzly.

Before the race Evensen upgraded his bike to this Shimano 105 cassette.