The Colnago K.One of Rudy von Berg

Rudy von Berg has been racing well with some very impressive wins this year, and as a relatively young professional his future looks promising. His race bike is a Colnago K.One and that is not a bike readily spotted in triathlon transitions. But according to Rudy von Berg the very established Italian brand has an interest in triathlon and we had a closer look at his bike while in Boulder.

The large Colnago K.One is pretty much set up here as he would race it except for the missing BTA bottle and the tire repair kit.

The front brake is hidden behind a beautiful and stylish carbon cover.

The downtube of the K.One is flared and hugs the Elite aero cage nicely.

Rudy von Berg rides 175 Shimano Dura-Ace cranks with a Pioneer LR power meter and Look Ti pedals. His gearing is 53-39 and 11-25.

The massive Ceramicspeed OSPW is very distinctive, but BB and axle bearings are also by Ceramicspeed.

The Colnago cockpit of this young Pro features 51Speedshop Ultimate extensions and arm cups, plus an XLab Gorilla cage.

Up close with the stem and the basebar of the Colnago K.One.

And the Pioneer display is nicely hidden between the extension and just in front of the BTA bottle cage setup.

Here is a look at the Pioneer power meter on the non-drive side.

The top tube has a spot for the Di-2 junction box.

Up close with the seat cluster of the Colnago K.One.

The rear brake is hidden underneath the chainstays and thus well out of sight.

The DT Swiss ARC 1100 DiCut wheels are laced with Vittoria Corsa Speed 23mm tires, but von Berg recently flatted the rear one in Canada and thus the Schwalbe one on the back.

Rudy von Berg rides a Cobb Plus saddle.

The man and his machine.