The Factor Slick of Jan Van Berkel

Swiss Pro Jan van Berkel finished 4th at IRONMAN New Zealand this year and is currently getting ready for IRONMAN TEXAS. For this year he partnered with the Factor brand and here now is a closer look at his sharp looking 2018 Factor Slick race bike.

Ready for action this Factor Slick bike is equipped with Shimano, Black Inc, Garmin, Continental and 51 Speedshop components.

The Factor Slick is known for that split down tube, named Twin Vane Evo by this brand.

Another look at this Twin Vane Evo a bit more from the top.

Jan van Berkel rides Black Inc 80 wheels laced up with 23mm Continental TT Limited tires.

The cockpit of this Factor Slick is by 51 Speedshop, but van Berkel says he is not sponsored by the brand but apparently likes it very much.

According to van Berkel the Garmin 820 and hydration BTA mount were specifically designed by Factor. A bento box will be added soon to store gels and hide the Di-2 junction box.

The rear storage allows van Berkel to have repair stuff with him both in races and training.

The front brake is hidden in the fork and here is a look up close with the Black Inc front 800.

And van Berkel rides 165mm Shimano Dura-Ace cranks with 55-42 chainrings and a Garmin Vector3 power meter that is connected to a Garmin Edge820 display.

Finally, van Berkel will soon also have this O2 road frame built up. Fellow Swiss rider and current Swiss road cycling champion Silvan Dillier rode one of these frames to second place at this weekend's Paris- Roubaix.

You can follow Jan van Berkel on various social media platforms plus on Strava.