The Marquise of Eric Lambi

Every now and then we feature cool age grouper bikes and the Dimond Marquise of Eric Lambi is certainly well worth a closer look. Lambi is the cousin of TJ Tollakson and said that Thanksgiving might be awkward if he had opted for a different brand of bike instead.

"I can't say if Dimond would have ever crossed my mind without the connection to TJ, but I love my Dimond bikes [he has two]. It's a fast design - I'm riding much faster HIM bike splits than on my previous bike (Slowtwich aero/equipment geeks have also been a considerable help here) - and, just as important to me, it's a sharp and unique looking bike. The integration in particular is well thought out and keeps the bike looking very clean even on race day," said Lambi.

Lambi is 39 years old, 5'5" tall and weighs 130 pounds. His typical half IM speed is around 2:20 and he averages around 190 watts on a flat course. The frame size is XS.

The view from the front shows that there is not much to see.

The unique Dash saddle has an XLab Gorilla XT cage mounted below.

The view from the side shows how the cage is mounted.

Lambi mounted this ICE chain just recently and that explains the white residue. "I swear I didn't bath my bike in cocaine," said Lambi. The pedals are the aero version from Speedplay.

The 170mm Quarq crank and 52/36 tooth Rotor chainring combination was chosen by Lambi because it had tested well in the Dimond Marquise wind tunnel tests. "I haven't bought in to the short crank wave I guess," added Lambi. The rear wheel is a Dash Cycles Disc, chosen by him because it can be used tubeless. Drivetrain is all Dura-Ace Di2 and the rear derailleur has SLF motion pullies. The BB is by CeramicSpeed

The tire repair kit is hidden in the lower storage compartment.

The top storage unit is stuffed with GU gels.

The M5 2 Spoke front wheel is not very common and it looks great on this Dimond Marquise. "I learned about Two Spoke from the forum. I thought it just looked awesome and it seems like a great match for the Dimond frame. After I got the wheel I did some very rudimentary aero/roll down testing comparing it to an ENVE SES and couldn't notice a difference. My first race on it was at Ironman Cartagena 70.3 last December, I had the fastest bike split in the M35-39, which I'd never done at a WTC event before, so I'm happy with it from a performance standpoint. Unsurprisingly, the wheel attracts a lot of attention," said Lambi.

Lambi has a TriRig Aerobar up front with a Zipp Vuka BTA with an extender. "I use the TriRig aerobar mostly because it offers tilt, which for whatever reason is rare amongst aerobar offerings. Still, it's an a very clean and aero bar with a lot of adjustability. I like that it houses the Di2 junction box, and it mates to the Dimond fork pretty well," added Lambi.

Up close with that front end of the Lambi Marquise.

Another look at the bike in its full glory. Tires currently are 23mm Continentals, with a GP Attack up front and a Grand Prix TT in the back. Tubes are Vittoria Latex. Lambi however said he likely will use Vittoria Corsa Speed tires next.