The Rob English TT bike

One of the highlights of the currently ongoing Handmade Bike Show in Denver, CO is the clean stunning white and blue TT steel offering by Rob English of English Cycles. This bike is actually the personal TT bike of the man whose name adorns it in a very understated way, and it has a 76 degree seat angle and a 72 degree.

We managed to snag the bike from the showroom floor for a few minutes.

A closer look at the aggressive integrated custom steel front end.

Custom English Cycles aluminum brakes are hidden behind the fork.

The view from the front shows the narrow profile of the bike and the custom Shimano Di2 buttons.

Very narrow spacing of the extensions and with a single front ring up front the push buttons on them shift only the rear up and down.

The cranks are also by English and they hold on to that single ring.

Narrow ovalized steel tubing is used extensively. The front wheel is an Enve SES 8.

The minimalist dash saddle is an ideal match here.

The view from the top towards the bb area and the single chainring.

Hidden below the chainstays is a TriRig Omega brake.

What the pilot Rob English sees before getting on the bars.

Rob English with his creation.

How fast could you get one if you wanted one? Patience would indeed be a virtue, and good things will come to those who wait.

"I would not yet be ready to commit to building something with the same integrated front end for a customer - I literally finished this right before the show, so haven't yet had a chance to test it. I will be racing it this season, so expect to be able to offer a similar design after it has undergone testing. Mind you, currently my waiting list is 22 months, so I should be ready by then," said English to slowtwitch.

Learn more about Rob English at plus we should have a chat with him up next week.

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