The new BMC Timemachine has arrived

The Swiss BMC brand launched their new Timemachine at the 2016 IRONMAN World Championships, and here is a first look at this bike that was developed in partnership with the Formula 1 Sauber engineering team. The Focus for the project was Form, Function and Fit and the whole BMC crew was very proud of final product and also that many shops have this new bike already in stock - ready for consumers to touch and take home.

The BMC Timemachine 01 featured here is a SRAM E-Tap bike but it is available in several different 01 configurations and also in the lower priced Timemachine 02 models.

BMC developed the P2P V-Cockpit as a large percentage of athletes ride their bikes reasonably tall, but a Flat-Cockpit offering is also available for those who want to get lower.

The V-Cockpit offers a pad stack from 590mm – 705mm, and the Flat-Cockpit has a range of 530mm – 670mm.

The fully integrated fork is the 3rd generation of the BMC hinge fork and the new cockpit is very clean.

The seat post sits further in front than is typically seen but when this storage box is removed it can sit further back for a UCI legal setup. That gives an effective seat angle range of 71.5 degrees to 81.5 degrees at a 77cm seat height.

The lines on the bike are very clean.

With 3 bottle mounts on the downtube the owner can either mount a single bottle low for superior aerodynamics or higher when a second bottle is mounted to the seattube.

The brakes are well hidden in the fork but BMC has greatly improved the brake feel and he simplicity to adjust the brakes and work on them. The also can now be adjusted individually, which was not the case before.

Two bolts will remove the whole brake shoe holder and thus an athlete can easily switch between different wheel setups.

This is one of those brake shoe holders without the brake pad in place.

BMC developed what they call Brake Booster Technology to increase the brake lever-pull to caliper-free-stroke ratio to ensure that the brake pads still provide sufficient clearance even when wheels flex. It also easily unhinges for travel.

This extra seat post clamp is included and allows the athlete to mount the post in a UCI legal position.

As we said earlier, it is SRAM E-tap here.

A Fizik Tritonesaddle rounds out the package here.

Above is a closer look at the BMC Timemachine geometry.

The intro video from BMC: