A Joe Gambles bike fit

Aussie Joe Gambles snagged wins at 70.3 Boulder, 70.3 Syracuse and Rev3 Quassy recently. This fast Boulder, CO resident just got his new Trek Speed Concept race bike delivered and Mat Steinmetz of 51 Speedshop dialed it in. We recently covered the intro of this new Speed Concept here.

Mat Steinmetz has been working with Joe Gambles for a few years now and knows the basic setup well.

Steinmetz goes over the cockpit changes of the new Trek Speed Concept.

The view of the Bontrager cockpit from above.

Another angle of this new Bontrager aerobar setup.

It is ultra clean and the wind does not see much here.

Gambles tries out a few different hand positions.

The old frame had a wedge in front of the post and the new one a double binder behind.

The dial adjust the pitch of the saddle and the one bolt fastens the saddle.

Joe Gambles looks on as Mat Steinmetz makes some fine adjustments.

Gambles is a Campagnolo man.

A 170mm Campagnolo man to be precise.

Joe Gambles could do this all day.

Mat Steinmetz meanwhile looks at some data.

Digging a bit deeper.

Let me have a look at this one.

It is quite obvious here that Timothy O'Donnell has not yet received his new Speed Concept.

The work is done.

According to Steinmetz the last drastic position change for Gambles was back in 2010. Since then the only big change was the switch to ISM after struggling with comfort for a few years.

"We used this session to replicate his position that he's been riding for the last year and a half.  Some subtle adjustments to his posture have been made, but the contact points have not changed," said Steinmetz.

All images © Dennis Meeker