Lezyne Lights Part Deux

: …In which we talk about the “smart” parts.

Is BiSaddle Having its Moment?

: The visuals, functionality, and the recognition of a need have conspired to give this saddle its moment.

Secrets of Speedplay

: The pedal used by about 40 percent of the top-15 Kona men and women. Why they work; how they work; and how you properly mount them.

Fulcrum Wind 55 DB

: We investigate some surprisingly affordable carbon clinchers with tubeless compatibility, disc brakes, and Italian flair.

QR's New PRSix2: Slowman's Build

: I mixed and matched parts a little, to get a a bike I really enjoy riding.

Vision Trimax Carbon SI 013

: Vision adds options for your aero position by process of elimination – of the integrated stem. We check out their latest aerobar.

Have Carbon Clinchers Finally Hit the Weight We Want?

: Clinchers have never matched the weight of tubulars, until now? The DT Swiss Mon Chasseral hits surprising numbers.

Do the NEO Bike and the Garmin Vector 3 Power Numbers Match?

: Historically NEOs and Vectors did not have a great reputation for generating congruent power numbers. What about now?

ENVE launches Foundation Series

: ENVE announced a new less-costly, tubeless-only line of road wheels. We dive into the details of these made-in-USA carbon hoops.

Lezyne Smart Connect LED Light Combo

: I’m rolling out of the house with lights on my bike, night or day, and lately when I roll out it’s been with this.

Vuka Shift AXS 90

: Zipp has managed truly wireless aerobar shifting. Also, SRAM's Multiclics extend the Zipp system to pursuit bar shifting.

DT Swiss GR 1600 Gravel Wheel Review

: We take a close look at a mid-priced gravel option from DT Swiss. With a sub-$700 price and wide rims, they make a strong case.

ROKA RISE. Performance Eyewear For Desk Jobs

: I spend a lot of time staring at a screen. That just got a little bit easier because of ROKA's new RISE line of blue-blocking eyewear.

The RUNN Wireless Treadmill-to-Zwift Sensor

: This $99 unit has advantages over a footpod, if you're a Zwift runner.

The Kickr Bike: Long Term Review

: Since I’m writing about the Kickr Bike today my time to give it back is approaching, and this won’t be easy.

Why Modern Wheels Work Better

: We go full-nerd to talk about how and why modern wheels aren't what they used to be - and why that's a good thing.

How the Varia Displays on Different Head Units

: Are you a Garmin Varia fan? Here's a video of how one Varia's signal displays on 7 different GPS units.

Shimano's Dura Ace R9100P Power Meter

: Shimano has been interested in measuring pedaling dynamics for quite some time. Let's talk about its first actual power meter.

Elevon 2: HOKA's Best Lightweight Trainer Debut in Years

: HOKA is again making a crackerjack lightweight trainer for me.

Canyon Speedmax CF 7.0 Makeover

: It may be an "entry-level" tri bike, but it's highly upgradeable. Here's how I'm upgrading mine.

My Experience With ROKA Eyewear

: For 9 months I've been navigating the ROKA eyewear process. Here's what I've learned.

Video: How to Properly Clean Out Tubeless Tires

: Our Tech Editor takes a dive into the best methods for cleaning out old tubeless tire sealant – to keep your tires fresh and functioning.

It’s JCOB Now; Here’s the Saddle Line-up

: It's the saddle underneath the top men, plus the new 38mm saddle.

Garmin Varia: Permission to Ride Outside

: The upsurge in Gravel and Stationary are each responses to fear of the paved road. Hence the popularity of the Varia.

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