TIME Adds Shimano to Their Product Line

: With the launch of the new 2023 Alpe D'Huez Disc, TIME finally got to the front of the line with Shimano.

SRAM Launches Updated Force AXS

: Borrowing from newer (Rival) and existing (RED) technologies, Force AXS is a major update.

Buy From a Bike Shop or Direct?

: Own the process: Get the most from buying your new bike from a shop or consumer direct.

QR X-PR: For $4,495, 12-Speed Electronic Shifting and Adjustability

: As the rest of the cycling industry makes dumb mistakes in the name of progress, tri bike makers are on the right track.

The Great Equipment Mystery: Pedals

: Age group athletes ride Shimano, Look, Garmin, Favero. Pros? Speedplay above all others.

Andy Potts Designs Wetsuits

: He helped with TYR's Freak of Nature, but the new Pinnacle from HUUB is all and only Andy.

Cervelo’s Approach to Road Bike Design

: The brand doesn’t sacrifice fit for aerodynamics; and understands that use case barely changes fit coordinates.

Getting the Most From Your Local Run Store

: A shoe fit can seem intimidating. It doesn't have to be.

CADEX GX a Terrific but Pricey Gravel Bar

: Pay the price if you can afford it; otherwise look for its features in a cheaper bar.

Spinergy? Yup!

: Spinergy is the result of an artful reinvention. They made good aero wheels a generation ago. Today's gravel wheels are even better.

Profile Design Wing 20C Pursuit Bar

: Extensions and pads are key to comfort. Pursuit bars hold everything up, and you don't need to spend a fortune.

The State of Super Shoes

: Some big surprises as ASICS leaps up the shoe counts.

Garmin’s Tacx NEO Bike Plus – Little Updates that Add Up

: Garmin’s minor refinements to the Tacx NEO Bike make a big difference

The Best Aerobar in Kona Was...

: A hobbyist aerobar maker, Markus Weiss, 3D printed a terrific pair of aerobars for two pro women in the Kona WC race.

Wheels in Kona

: It was a big day for Zipp, DT Swiss, HED, CADEX and others

A Different Way to Approach Saddle Pain

: Meet Position One, headed by a favorite tinkerer of forum users: Dan Kennison.

XLAB, Profile Design Dominate Bike Hydration

: XLAB easily wins rear hydration, narrowly wins front hydration. Pros use more integrated systems than AGers.

Aerobars Used in Kona

: The biggest difference between pro and age group equipment in Kona was the aerobars each cohort chose

Today's Strange Looking Tri Bikes

: What's the theory behind wide fork blades and other very strange design features

There’s a Popular New Tri Saddle

: Here's the Kona saddle count. For the cynics who don’t follow what the pros do, look at this anyway.

Tires the Pros Rode in Kona

: An overview of the brands, models, tube type or tubeless, widths of tires ridden by the pros in Kona.

Daniela Ryf Is Ready To Ride

: Daniela is a great example of "If it doesn't work for you, don't use it."

Lucy Charles-Barclay's New Cube

: The biggest obvious difference: disc brakes. But there have been some equipment changes too.

Wahoo’s New ELEMNT ROAM Is a Major Upgrade

: The ROAM gets all the little goodies from the BOLT plus a lot more

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