Vision Metron 3 Spoke Disc Brake

: We take a look at Vision’s latest version of their watt-saving 3-spoke wheel, made specifically for disc brakes.

SRAM Blips, and the Future of Wireless Bar-End Shifting

: SRAM has the first two wireless bar end shifter products (one of which is for sale). Will you buy the other one if produced for consumers?

Clues to Shimano's Future Development

: A clue to Shimano's direction is evident in the naming conventions used in today's Dura Ace and Ultegra launches.

Shimano Drops Major Road Group Upgrades

: Dura Ace 9200 and Ultegra 8100 launch today, with 12 speed cassettes, faster shifting, better braking, and lower gearing.

DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT Disc

: We look at the details of DT's latest offering - a new disc-brake-equipped disc wheel. It's light and tubeless-ready... is it for you?

SRAM Launches XPLR, Doubles Down on Single Chain Rings

: It’s a 1x collection pointed toward gravel, but offers intriguing possibilities for tri.

Exiting Your Wetsuit

: Pros get out of a fullsuit in 8 seconds. The Average Joe? About 35 seconds. How about we get it down to 20 seconds?

Lauren Brandon's New Ventum One

: It's an early preview of the new Ventum One prior to Brandon tackling IRONMAN Lake Placid.

Lionel Sanders' New Canyon Speedmax CFR

: Like any good marriage, Lionel and his Speedmaxes seem to become more comfortable and familiar with each other as time passes.

The Bondi X Returns HOKA's Flagship to its Glory

: The Bondi was a revelation when introduced 10 years ago. The Bondi X is by far the best in the Bondi series.

Put Your Wetsuit On Right (It's a Big Deal)

: Your in-race swim performance starts well before the starting horn sounds.

In Praise of the Fullsuit

: Here's our guide on how to wrangle a fullsuit which is (protestations notwithstanding) always the fastest choice!

The Most Expensive Wetsuits Are Not Always the Fastest

: It’s time to think about wetsuits again and let's begin by saving you some money.

Vision Metron 6D Integrated Handlebar

: We unbox and analyze what Vision claims to be “The stiffest and most aero integrated handlebar and stem system.”

Zipp's Wheel Overhaul Continues

: This has been a busy wheel year for Zipp. Here's the all-new 404 Firecrest and 454 NSW, and the kinda-new 858 NSW.

Garmin’s Firmware Update Brings New Life All Forerunners

: Garmin's major firmware releases upgrade all of the current Forerunner watches with their latest features

My Saddle Search Commences

: All of a sudden, saddles don't work for me anymore. Not even road saddles. Is it me?

Garmin Adds Constant Connectivity to its Ultimate Forerunner 945

: Garmin’s Forerunner 945 LTE gives runners more freedom to leave their phones behind.

Garmin’s Forerunner 55 Is a Solid Running Watch

: Garmin’s Forerunner 55 is a fully featured running watch and activity tracker at an economy price point.

Wahoo Continues to Refine and Enhance Its RIVAL

: Wahoo has been slipstreaming enhancements and major features to its RIVAL since release.

CADEX 36 Is Evidence the Premium Wheel is Alive and Well

: For a time I held the view that premium wheels were an endangered species. I was wrong.

The New Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT Punches Above Its Weight

: Wahoo's new ELEMNT BOLT gets all of their latest features and keeps its compact size and competitive price.

Choosing a Road Bike Groupset

: I just built up a new road bike for myself. This is the thought process that went into the component groupset I chose.

Why I Ride What I Ride

: What you choose to ride is not important. How you came to make your decision is.

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