The Strava Kona numbers of Patrick Lange

German Patrick Lange finished 3rd at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona with a course record breaking 2:39:45 run. We interviewed him right after the race and here now are his Strava numbers from that memorable day.

He ran in Newton Distance Elite running shoes and used a Garmin Forerunner 735. His kit is by Fusion.

He started his run with a 3:37 for the first km and closed it with a 3:27 and his slowest km was a 4:05.

Total numbers:

Distance: 42km
Moving time: 2:39:28
Elapsed time: 2:39:33
Pace: 3:48/km
Elevation: 238m
Calories: 3,318

His bike numbers are as follows:

Distance: 180.9km
Moving time: 4:33:11
Elapsed time: 4:38:13
Elevation: 1,265m
Average speed: 39.7km
Max speed: 74.9km
Average cadence: 86
Max cadence: 120

The complete Strava data for his run can be found here and his Strava bike numbers here