Great (Good, At Least?) Minds Think Alike

: One great way to know you’re onto something is if some other smart guy comes to the same conclusion.

The Frame Material Debate

: We investigate the debate of frame materials, and whether there is any future for materials other than carbon fiber. Can steel survive?

What is Road Plus?

: We investigate the relatively new concept of Road Plus. Is it cyclocross? Gravel? Something else? Let's explore - pun intended.

1x Reconsidered

: Our Tech Editor takes a look at 1x drivetrains and discusses how his feelings towards them have evolved over time. Are they for you?

Are Pedals the Place For Power Meters? Maybe

: The pedal makes sense because it’s portable across bikes. But there’s more to consider.

What’s the Best Tire Size for Me in 2018?

: We look at tire sizes for 2018. What should you use and why? How have tire sizes evolved?

Do These Wheels Make My Tires Look Fat?

: We cover the often misunderstood topic of how rim width can greatly affect tire width - and what it means for your bike.

A2 Wind Tunnel discoveries with Brad Williams

: US Pro Brad Williams spent a couple hours in the A2 Wind Tunnel in NC with his new Canyon race bike and discovered quite a few interesting items while he was there.

Texas 70.3 Photos: Anything To See Here?

: It's nice to look at race photos! Is there anything we can learn from them?

Outsole Width a Determiner of Run Shoe Speed

: The width of a shoe's outsole can become a primary metric determining speed, overwhelming the differences in the shoe weights.

Hands On With The Zwim HUD

: We got our first look at a working prototype of the Zwim HUD, currently seeking funding via IndieGoGo.

Repurposing The Vasa Swim Ergometer

: Winter Sports Editor Jon Schafer explains how to repurpose the Vasa Swim Ergometer into a erg for Nordic skiing and more.

Fine tuning the speedy Jake Montgomery

: Jake Montgomery almost lost his life when a car ran over him while he was training for the 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 Worlds in Mooloolaba. Montgomery recently he spent time with Mat Steinmetz of 51 SPEEDSHOP ...

Run Shoe Tech Terms No Longer Apply

: Terms like Stability and Motion Control are no longer applicable. How did we get here?

This Bike Tinkerer's Toolset

: I'm not a bike mechanic by trade or training, but I assemble and work on all my own bikes. Here are the tools I (and you) need for the job.

How Superbikes Fit (It's the Front End!)

: There is geometric orthodoxy among tri bikes frames. But not among their aerobars.

The Specialized S-Works SHIV of Tim Don

: Tim Don set the Ironman brand record of 7:40:23 at Ironman Brazil, highlighted by a 4:06:56 bike split.

STAC Performance Virtual Wind Tunnel

: Marrying state-of-art gaming tech with CFD, here's a company that brought a wind tunnel into my garage.

Triathlon Bikes in the Age of Peak Aero

: The much anticipated results of the comparative wind tunnel comparing several of the industry’s best new triathlon bicycles are here.

Kanute's Alcatraz Winning Bike and Run Power Files

: Ben Kanute blitzed the hilly Alcatraz bike and run courses on Sunday to win one of triathlon's classic races, contested without a swim leg.

Small-wheel Bikes: Let’s Get Down To It

: Riders shorter than 5'5" who have experience riding both wheel sizes are twice as likely to prefer road or tri bike wheels made 650c wheels.

Use of the Altium i10 for Intermittent Hypoxic Training

: Long-time altitude resident and Slowtwitch Winter Sports Editor Jon Schafer and I put the Altium i10 through its paces to see what we could - and could not - learn about the promises it makes about ...

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