INSCYD the Numbers: FTP Part II

: This week, we take a deeper dive into this classic cycling metric.

INSCYD the Numbers: FTP

: This week, we break down arguably the holy grail of cycling metrics: FTP.

INSCYD the Numbers: FatMax

: When are you really using fat as fuel? Find out.

INSCYD The Numbers: VLaMax

: You've likely not heard of this phrase before, but it's important.

INSCYD the Numbers: VO2 Max

: A new recurring series, INSCYD's Sebastian Weber breaks down the science of key performance metrics and how to train them.

Safe Dietary Supplements?

: An athlete needs determine which supplements are appropriate; and then where to get them. Is cGMP enough?

Blood pressure guidelines

: A new landmark study showed a huge benefit to keeping systolic BP low. Do the SPRINT results have direct and parallel utility for healthy triathletes?

Bad teeth may slow you down

: We train for hours, get massages, eat carefully, visit doctors, acupuncturists etc., but one missing component may be smiling at you in the mirror.

Overdrinking or not enough salt?

: Latasch: The athlete drank mostly water during the race and did not take in enough minerals. Noakes: Can't happen if athletes advised to drink to thirst, not to a schedule.

Crampy? Yeah, me too

: Muscle cramps are the bane, and the mystery, of the endurance sports world. Why do we cramp? Fitness, physiology, or diet? What can you do beyond training more and pacing well?

Less is Less: the Myth of More Recovery

: As long as it's couched in the guise of, "more," human beings want it. The latest phenomenon sweeping our sport is the idea of more recovery. But recovery is really the lack of activity; it's not ...

An Athlete's Guide to Advanced Nutrition Testing

: Eating lots of broccoli can only take one so far. How does one go about gaining quantitative insight into the nutritional state of the body? Enter the latest high-tech and exhaustive performance ...

Drinking heavy metals

: Concerned consumers have been returning certain protein drinks, while affected manufacturers have been working overtime to refute the Consumer Reports study. Let's separate truth from confusion.

The Needle and the Damage Done

: WADA has updated its list of banned substances for 2010. There are notable changes to last year's list and, if you're an AGer, don't think this doesn't apply to you.

The Math of salt loss

: Was the recent death at Ironman Frankfurt a case of drinking too a schedule instead of to thirst, or not ingesting enough electrolytes per the water intake?

How Much is Enough?

: In a study just released, trace amounts of steroid ingestion can trigger a positive drug test, illustrating the ease by which athletes can end up on the wrong side of anti-drug programs.

The Winter months

: It's January. What now? Let's take stock. You're fat, out of shape, and your motivation ebbs and flows. Perfect. We have you right where we want you. Time to start training.

Measuring Power and Using the Data

: In the third of our trilogy on the physics of moving the bike, Rick Ashburn delves into training with power, including the use of power measuring devices.

The Mathematics of Race Fueling

: When you’ve got no feed in the stable you can’t ride your horse to town.

Intro to Power

: This is the first of monthly installments on the physics of bike riding, with an emphasis on training and racing using power meters. We'll present our first two intro-to-power articles back-to-back.

Aerobic points system

: There's an aerobic value to your training, a conversion to a common currency allowing you to determine the relative worth of our workout.